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Welcome to blogger’s corner, the page in this site with information that might be interesting to fellow bloggers, and pretty uninteresting to anyone else.  New or updated information will appear here from time to time.

I’d like to share some behind-the-scenes information regarding this site, its readers, and the numbers that can be gleaned from nifty features, like Google Analytics.

October 10, 2016

Fall is upon us, and the leaves are falling here in the Northland. There’s football on TV, a familiar crispness to the air, and the smell of burning firewood emanating from chimneys for the first time in half a year. I always look forward to this furlough between swatting mosquitoes and shoveling snow. Here’s hoping it lasts a little while this year.

Changes on the site you may have noticed over the last few months include a beefed up Sunday Best, in which I have started to share more personal stuff, additional calculators, and a lot more comments on posts as the readership has grown. I added an All Posts page to make binge reading easier for newcomers to the blog.

What hasn’t changed is the posting schedule (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday), the use of my own photos (which my boys have occasionally snuck into), and my mission to educate, enlighten, and entertain you.


As of Sunday, October 9th, the site consists of a home page, 114 posts, and 24 pages. A few fun facts from the sites’ first 9 months.

  • 239,589 page views (127,162 last 3 months) according to WordPress / Jetpack
  • from 152 countries and all 50 states (according to Google Analytics).
  • 1,965 comments (1,208 last 3 months)
  • Top 5 countries are USA, Canada, England, Australia and India.
  • Top 5 states are California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois.
  • 406 e-mail & WordPress subscribers
  • 185 Feedly subscribers
  • 1,721 Twitter followers
  • 68 PoF Facebook friends & 83 PoF page likes

Top 5 Posts to date:

The only newcomer to the list is the fourth one, a post about famed Boglehead Taylor Larimore, who was kind enough to share a quote for the article.

The top post benefitted from being one of three posts of mine to be featured on Rockstar Finance. If you’d like to see another of my posts featured there, you can help me out by submitting it here which is a great way for you to help me spread my message.

Top 5 Pages:

All Posts is the lone addition to the Top 5 since the last progress note.

My Top 5 Favorite Posts from the last quarter:

I hope you found them as insightful to read as I found them fun to write. It wasn’t easy to narrow down to just five.

How are readers finding

A snapshot from Google Analytics shows that nearly a third come directly (from e-mails or typing in the URL). Search engines are the #3 source of readers. But #1 is referral traffic from other sites (up from #3 in the first 6 months)

Top 5 referring websites:


I’m sure you’ve noticed the ads. Without them, the site cannot cover its expenses or achieve its charitable mission. I sneak at least one Amazon link into most posts, and Google AdSense places ads on each page, although I’ve tried to make them less obtrusive by placing them off to the side and at the very bottom of the page.

Since the last newsletter, I’ve added a number of great Site Sponsors, whose ads appear in the right sidebar and near the top of the posts. Although I do not have a specific set of criteria to qualify, I am only allowing sponsors whose services could be beneficial to physicians. No bad guys or gals. Please visit them or check out a synopsis of their services on the Site Sponsors page.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, or know someone who might be, please contact me for more information.


What’s coming up?

I will continue twice weekly original blog posts, with a Christopher Guest post sprinkled in every 3 weeks or so. Next up are Richard & Christy Pearce from Son of a Doctor. I’ve had some great guest posts recently, and I anticipate hosting more of those.
Speaking of guest posts, if you are a physician who has made or fulfilled plans to retire early, the readers and I would love to hear your story! Feel free to contact me.
Note: If you are an e-mail subscriber, much of this will look familiar. I have left out the revenue portion, but I can tell you that I recently crossed over into the 5-figure revenue mark, which means I’ll be donating more than $5,000 this year. That number both humbling and amazing to me.
Cheers to a successful first 9 months, and skål to another productive quarter ahead!

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