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    Physician on FIRE has taught me a lot about finances. All I knew before was real estate and PoF has opened my eyes to so much more!

    - Drew Davis, MD Superior Eye Physicians
    Physician on FIRE has helped me aspire to think through more than just investing in ETFs and tax management but to also enjoy my wealth creation along the way!

    -Nilay Shah, MD, FAAN
    Physician on FIRE has been an excellent read and newsletter. It has taken me from being financially illiterate to knowing so much.

    - Kunakorn Atchaneeyasakul, MD
    Utilizing many of the ideas from PoF, my husband and I have been able to retire in our early 50s with our house paid off and still plenty of money to pay for lavish weddings, family travel and all of our other pet projects.

    - Todd Myers, MD, FACOG & Wendy Myers

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