My Top 5 Airbnb Pet Peeves & How to be a Good Host Story


I’m a big fan of Airbnb. It’s our go-to for family travel accommodations. Over the last seven years, I’ve spent roughly seven months living in other people’s places through the Airbnb platform alone.

We’ve also used other platforms like VRBO, and of course, we stay in hotels at times, but the majority of our travels, especially the slow travel variety, involves a stay at a home listed on the Airbnb platform.

When visiting any place for more than a day or two, it’s really helpful to have the amenities of an apartment or house. A kitchen or kitchenette. Separate bedrooms for the grownups and kids. A second bathroom doesn’t hurt, either, when you’re traveling as a family of four (and occasionally welcoming visitors).

Why I Prefer Airbnb

They say it’s not what you earn, but what you keep that counts. That’s true when it comes to your personal savings rate, and it’s also true of your investment returns. The more you pay in fees, the lower your total return.

#2 Analyze Your Investment Fees

With Airbnb, specifically, I’ve learned to pay attention to the Star ratings. They don’t match up with hotel ratings at all, even if 5 is the top for both. The average rating is 4.7, and more than 90% are above a 4.5. If a property has less than about 4.4 stars, there are probably some serious problems with the place or the people running it. It’s not worth your consideration.

Room For Improvement

For example, did you know that VTSAX is comprised of 3% to 4% REITs? I discovered this when looking Personal Capital’s blockish breakdown of what I’m actually invested in.

Airbnb Pet Peever #1: Poor Sleeping Conditions

Please tell me what I need to know. Ideally, there will be a written manual in the apartment with the same information available in the app, viewable by those who have booked the stay. Too often, there’s neither. Where does the garbage go when it’s full? Is recycling an option?

Airbnb Pet Peeve #2: How Does This Work?