Obstacles Doctors Face in Pursuing a Side Hustle

The idea of a side hustle seems to appeal to most people I talk to. It’s a great way to learn new skills, supplement your income, and build streams of passive income.

Many physicians also love the idea of a side hustle and gaining passive income. However, despite their apparent desire to pursue a side hustle, plenty of obstacles seem to stand in the way for physicians.

The same issues seem to pop up again and again, keeping many physicians from realizing their passive income potential. Here are some of the big ones, as well as some things to consider about each.

Obstacles Doctors Face in Pursuing a Side Hustle


I started with this one because it seems to be the biggest challenge in the physician life – finding time to not only be a physician but also to pursue other meaningful things.

Not Enough Time

Therefore, this is an entirely valid argument. However, for many of us, if we take a hard look at our daily routines, we might just be able to create some more time.

Another valid point, especially when starting a side hustle. It’s true – many of us will not be able to find side hustles that compensate us as well as our physician salaries do. However, it’s also true that we as physicians are trading precious time for money. 

Not Worth the Money

There is very little opportunity to scale our income, meaning that in order to make more, we have to put in more time. But with some side hustles, the opportunity to scale is there.

As physicians, we’re trained for one specialty. Even if we want to venture out, medical school doesn’t prepare us for the realm of business, and many of us don’t know where to start or what to do. 

Not Enough Expertise