Estate Planning: 11 Ways to Avoid Probate

#1 Live forever. You see, if you never die, you don’t need to avoid probate. Figure out immortality, and you’ve got this problem solved!

If you’ve had to go through this process after the death of a parent or close relative, you know how painful, costly, and time-consuming probate can be.

Fortunately, several tactics can be employed to ease the burden or avoid probate entirely. Dr. Jim Dahle lists 11 methods people commonly employ to avoid probate.

Estate Planning: 11 Ways to Avoid Probate


Probate is a process of “adjudicating” a will. It involves lawyers and judges, and courts determining what the will really means and carrying out its instructions. It can be expensive.

What Is Probate?

So today, I’m going to discuss 11 ways to keep your assets from going through probate. Many of these methods have pluses and minuses, so it is important to personalise your plan to you.

The 11 Methods of Keeping Assets Out of Probate

This one seems really simple, but it is incredibly effective and often very cheap for everyone involved. If it isn’t yours when you die, it doesn’t go through probate.

# 1 Give Your Stuff Away Before You Die