Exploring Jobs to Enrich Your Life When Retired or Furloughed

exploring jobs

So many people enter early retirement with rose-colored glasses. While the prospect of not having to go to work every day seems incredibly appealing, many people who have retired by 40 don’t stay fully retired for the rest of their lives.

If you sit in this camp, getting back into employment may be a route to consider. And while getting a job may seem like you’ve failed in your FIRE endeavor, having the luxury of finding something fulfilling without the financial stress of having to desperately re-enter the workforce actually means you’ve won the game!

You could use your knowledge to teach others – either at a college or as a private tutor – or you could start a small business. Depending on your skillset, there are endless possibilities; think outside the box and you could find something as fulfilling as your former career, without the stress!

Use Your Skills

If you have no experience, you may find it a little tricky to get a role that requires specific skills, so a great option is to offer your services for a limited time for free so you can learn the ropes and prove you’re capable.

Explore Your Passion

One major task that you can include in your long list of ongoing admin work is planning your own funeral. Now, this may sound like an incredibly macabre thing to spend your retirement doing (I mean, you’re only 40!) but hear us out! Funerals often get planned in a hurry, by your grieving family who aren’t quite sure of your wishes.

Make Life Your Job

One of the beautiful things about being retired is the freedom of not having to be in a particular place at a particular time (aka not having a job!). With that in mind, no matter how bored you are, sacrificing your new-found independence may be a compromise too far.

Do Something Temporary

Things like dog walking, personal training and construction laboring may seem like obvious choices but when looking for a job to keep you fit, you don’t have to punt for jobs that have a high degree of physical exertion. In fact, any job that keeps you away from a desk and on your feet will do the job!

Do Something That Keeps You Fit

Even if you don’t have a skill that is specific to the more common jobs in this industry, finding something you can do is usually not too difficult if you’ve got the time and patience to look for it.

Embrace Your New-Found Flexibility