The Taxman Leaveth 2022: A No-Tax Early Retirement

During our years of wealth accumulation, a.k.a. working, we pay a pretty penny in taxes.  We become accustomed to knowing that after a certain point, we might only see about half of each additional dollar earned.

Adding up federal & state income tax and property taxes, many physicians will have annual tax bills exceeding $100,000..

If you’ve managed to accumulate a sizable nest egg over 20 years or less, you’ve no doubt contributed at least $1 million to the coffers of the taxman. I’ve paid closer to $2 Million in the last 15 years.

$100,000 to Spend.  Zero Tax.

The Bensons, having paid well over $1 million in federal income tax alone, don’t want to pay that anymore.  Like, not at all.  Zero. Zilch. Can we get them $100,000 to spend without incurring federal income tax?  Sure, why not?

They owe 0 federal income tax.  In fact, with only $61,700 in taxable income, they received a refund of $1,227 despite paying no federal income taxes throughout the year. If the stimulus credit hadn’t been issued, their tax burden would have been a paltry $1,173.

Check out all the examples I have in the full post.  Lots of info to be shared.

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