My Top 5 Airbnb Pet Peeves & How to be a Good Host

I’m a big fan of Airbnb. It’s our go-to for family travel accommodations. Over the last seven years, I’ve spent roughly seven months living in other people’s places through the Airbnb platform alone.

We’ve also used other platforms like VRBO, and of course, we stay in hotels at times, but the majority of our travels, especially the slow travel variety, involves a stay at a home listed on the Airbnb platform.

Over the course of dozens of stays, I’ve taken mental notes on the best and worst aspects of the experiences we’ve had on various trips around the world.

My Top 5 Airbnb Pet Peeves & How to be a Good Host


When visiting any place for more than a day or two, it’s really helpful to have the amenities of an apartment or house. A kitchen or kitchenette. Separate bedrooms for the grownups and kids.

Why I Prefer Airbnb

Before I get all whiny, I’m going to preface my first-world-problems rant with the fact that I actually consider myself to be pretty easy to please, at least for a somewhat wealthy American.

Room For Improvement

Do you know why it’s called Airbnb? It started as a way for budget travelers to find a place to crash on someone’s air mattress.Given that, maybe I should temper my expectations, but the platform has obviously evolved tremendously since then, and I expect to have a comfortable place to sleep. 

Airbnb Pet Peever #1: Poor Sleeping Conditions