Welcome, KevinMD readers!

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Thank you for visiting Physician on FIRE. I created this site to educate, enlighten, and entertain you while discussing issues pertinent to physicians and other high earning individuals and families.

If you discovered my site via KevinMD, welcome!  If you’re one of my loyal readers, please see today’s guest post, titled “It’s Time for Physicians to Live an Evidence-Based Life” here.

Personal finance takes center stage on this site, with a focus on financial independence, which creates the ability to retire early if you so choose. I will also occasionally touch on other physician issues, and I curate a Sunday Best roster of articles of interest to physicians every week. To learn more about who I am, check out the About Me page here.


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little known fact: i’m into beertography


In four months, I’ve published about 40 posts and we’re just getting started. Among my favorites are the 4 Physicians series, which compares 4 doctors with different spending habits, having each of them go through a couple different life-alternating scenarios, exploring the financial ramifications of each. I also have a penchant for Top 5 lists, of which I’ve published six, and have ideas for at least sixteen more.


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I also send out quarterly site progress notes to subscribers, sharing fun data including the site’s revenue.

Why is site revenue relevant to you, the reader? According to my charitable mission, half of the site’s profits will be donated to charity via our Donor Advised Fund. Also, I want you to understand why I place ads on the site. Without them, the mission would be unfunded, and the site’s costs would not be covered.


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peace, my friend.


I appreciate you taking the time to discover the site. If you leave feeling at least a little more informed, intrigued, inspired, or simply impressed by the alliteration, I feel I’ve done my job.







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  2. Ha!
    Don’t feel bad. I discovered KevinMD through Physician on Fire!

    Maybe you can retitle this as an intro to new readers. It isn’t a bad summary of your site.

    If this is your most embarrassing post, you don’t have much to hide. I’ve had a post so bad that it was ridiculed by a friend on April Fools Day! Can you imagine?


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