An all-in-one roadmap to financial independence and early retirement.

Manage your financial life without frustration.
Streamline your finances and track:


Why FIRE Pro SpreadSheets?

Enjoy virtually unlimited customization, which is something apps and software don’t offer. You can make these spreadsheets as detailed as you want them to be, add your own notes or formulas, and play around with what-if scenarios easily.

Easy To Use

Fully Customizable

Works On Google Sheets and Excel

Beautiful Dashboards

Take Control Of Your Finances And Retirement.
Here’s How

Income and Expenses Summary

  • Easily track monthly income and expenses by category
  • Compare Income budget vs. actuals, expenses budget vs actuals, and savings actuals vs budget. 
  • Track your finances with ease with charts and tables

Mortage Tracker

  • Manage mortgage loans with ease.
  • Quickly perform scenario analysis on your monthly payments.
  • See exactly how long it will take to pay off your mortgage.

Debt Summary

  • Manage debt at a glance.
  • Make informed decisions on your debt repayment strategy 
  • Track your repayment progress with ease
  • Forecast when you will pay your debt with additional payments

Investment Tracker

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your financial standing 
  • Analyze diverse investments at a glance.
  • Establish clear short and long term financial objectives
  • Monitor your financial progress.

FIRE Summary / Retirement Tracker

  • Manage your 401k and ROTH IRAs
  • Sort and manage your top debts by their payoff
  • Get your exact FIRE number based on your goals and contributions

The All In One Financial Bundle

Order an all-in-one bundle to take control of your finances and retirement.


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Physician on FIRE has taught me a lot about finances. All I knew before was real estate and PoF has opened my eyes to so much more!

Drew Davis
MD Superior Eye Physicians

Physician on FIRE has helped me aspire to think through more than just investing in ETFs and tax management but to also enjoy my wealth creation along the way!

Nilay Shah

Physician on FIRE has been an excellent read and newsletter. It has taken me from being financially illiterate to knowing so much.

Kunakorn Atchaneeyasakul

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