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    Founded by Leif in 2016

    The seeds for Physician on Fire were planted in my mind in 2014 when I noticed physicians, on average, are notoriously bad with money.

    We are singled out in The Millionaire Next Door as being the worst accumulators of wealth among high earning professionals. Meanwhile, the demands of our jobs are increasing, bureaucratic requirements are stifling our ability to practice autonomously, and burnout is on the rise.

    I formulated a specific plan in 2015, and created the website with my first post on January 9, 2016.

    My aim for this blog is to enlighten, educate, and entertain those who may have similar circumstances as me (high-income, late start, educational debt, etc…)

    If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

    Here, I will share some unique insights from the perspective of a former anesthesiologist who’s attained financial independence (the F.I.) at age 39 and retire early (the R.E.) from medicine at the age of 43.

    Whether you’re contemplating an early retirement, or you plan to use your FI status to practice in a way that suits you, this platform aims to provide you with free tools and information to help you reach your goals.

    I hope to leave you informed and inspired to look at life a little differently than you might have before.

    To learn more about this, please navigate to My Story or My Path to FI.

    Update: In 2023 Physician on Fire has added three new partners – Jorge Sanchez M.D., Vinci Palad, and Nirav H. Shah M.D. This partnership aims to enhance our ability to serve you.

    Meet the Team

    Jorge Sanchez, M.D.

    After donating his kidney to his mother, Jorge Sanchez became a physician. He was a clinical professor at Rutgers University Medical School. As an internist, he practiced hospital medicine and worked with underserved Latino populations and rural healthcare systems. Previously, he co-founded a hospitalist company spanning South Florida, which he successfully exited. He co-founded Alertive.com with Dr. Nirav Shah and sold it to Carbon Health, allowing him to reach FIRE.

    Vinci Palad

    Vinci Palad is a serial entrepreneur and an avid investor. Today, she owns a diversified portfolio of businesses and investments, allowing her to reach Financial independence (FI).  Vinci is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and investors achieve financial freedom.

    Nirav Shah, M.D.

    Nirav Shah is a neurologist and served as the stroke director of Swedish Neuroscience in Seattle, the largest stroke program in the Pacific Northwest. Nirav also started a tech company called Alertive.com and sold it to Carbon Health to achieve FIRE. He is passionate about helping physicians and others achieve financial freedom and optional retirement so they can pursue their dreams and aspirations.

    Smit Mehta

    Smit Mehta works in commodities trading with a background in entrepreneurship and investing. He has long had a passion for educating others on maximizing financial growth, and he is experienced in starting and growing businesses. His wife is an ophthalmologist, so he also has an understanding of the unique financial position of physicians and their potential for achieving FIRE.

    Trusted by Physicians Worldwide

    I appreciate POF's insight and the way he approaches physician wellness as well as giving good insight into a physician in the fire community. The 4 physicians will always be classic.

    -Jeff Messerly
    POF has the very best weekly compilation of relevant and compelling blog posts, articles and podcasts. I look forward to every Sunday morning! Your articles - such as the one this week on tax loss harvesting - always seem to be timely for me. Using that article as an example, it's in-depth enough to be helpful but not so overly technical that I don't understand it enough to know how to apply. Thank you for all you do!

    -Brian Mitchell

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