Tax season is just around the corner and I know many of us are already dreading the headache of gathering

As a busy physician you don t have a lot of time to spend on carefully optimizing the tax efficiency

Tax brackets are one of the most misunderstood concepts in taxes You ve probably heard people say or said it

Physicians often have high incomes which can make them ineligible to contribute to Roth IRAs directly Luckily there is another

529 plans and UTMA Uniform Transfers to Minors Act accounts are popular education savings accounts A 529 plan is an

Realized capital gains are subject to favorable tax treatment but what if you could avoid ever paying any taxes on

Are you in your 60s or perhaps approaching that age bracket Have you ever considered the implications of Roth conversions

When it comes to giving taxes may not be the first thing on everyone s mind You have a cause

When it comes to retirement planning especially early retirement planning it s tempting to focus on retirement accounts But it

Whether you re operating as a full time self employed sole proprietor or you ve started a side hustle that

Are you ready to uncover the nuances between personal transactions and business transactions and their differing tax consequences It 8217

Tax planning is an integral part of minimizing your tax bill at the end of the year Tax loss harvesting

Calculating your expected tax bill can be a frustrating experience 8211 it can feel like feeding numbers into a black

While Tax Day for US readers in 2023 may have just been a couple of days ago it 8217 s

To lower your tax bill it 8217 s crucial to have more than a vague understanding of how our tax

Today 8217 s discussion of tax strategies for high income professionals demands an important disclaimer Do not let the tax

If you want to keep taxes low in retirement a handful of strategies can be used while working or when

Paying attention to your taxes now AND your taxes later will give you the tax diversification and freedom you ll

Tax Loss Harvesting is a great tool for generating tax alpha and lowering your annual tax bill but it only

Depreciation is the relatively simple fundamental concept that as new things incur wear and tear they become worth less and

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