The Student Loan Resource Page

For several years, I’ve been reading and compiling articles from around the web on all things related to student loans. It can be overwhelming, and there’s a reason a small industry has been spawned to help debtors best deal with their student loan balances.

Most of the time, you will be best off doing one of two things: pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness while making the lowest monthly payment possible for ten years or refinancing and paying off the loans relatively quickly (within ten years).

However, sometimes a third option may be better. And doing one of the first two options in an optimal way requires a fair amount of learning and doublechecking, dotting of “i”s and crossing of “t”s.

Below, I share a bevy of resources that can help you do the right thing.

If you don’t have the time or interest level to read dozens of blog posts and run multiple simulations via various online calculators, a student loan consult with a professional can save you many hours and possibly tens of thousands of dollars. We recommend two services.

Andrew Paulson at Student Loan Advice is the Lead Student Loan Consultant and Co-Founder with a master’s degree in accounting and a Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP) designation.  You will receive a customized student loan plan using the principles of The White Coat Investor.

I also trust Travis Hornsby and his team at Student Loan Planner. Some financial advisors offer similar services as a small part of their practice, and I’ve heard of a lot of bad advice given.

Student loan planning is all Travis does. It started with helping his physician wife manage hers, then her friends, and the business snowballed from there. Check out what Student Loan Planner has to offer.

If you’re ready to go it alone, read on for tons of resources.


The Student Loan Resource Page

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This is a frequently updated page I’ve created, combing the web for all the best student loan information I can squeeze onto one page and working with refinancers to offer you excellent bonuses.

As an added bonus, if you end up refinancing via my referral links, I’ll make a donation of $100 to your charity of choice. Just be sure to follow up after you’ve refinanced and be sure to collect your cash-back bonus (see below) and ask me to make the donation. More details on that at the end of this page.


I have three goals with this page:


  • Share some of the best posts I can find on the subject.
  • Save you money on refinancing if  that’s your best option.
  • Advance the site’s charitable mission and help you with yours.


I have arrangements with the top student loan refinancers. You may find similar offers on other sites, but I doubt you’ll find another blogger who promises to donate so much of the profits from these referrals to charity.


With that in mind, I am comfortable sending you away to the farthest reaches of the web to show you some of the best write-ups I can find to help you in this decision-making process.

I do so with the trust that if you choose to refinance your loans, you’ll do so by returning here and using one of the links on this page.


Before closing, please be sure to verify that both you and I receive credit for the referral. If not, you may miss out on the cashback bonus.


Student Loan Refinancing Disclosures



The Student Loan Resource Page


Blog Posts & Additional Resources



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Posts from The Simple Dollar


Student Loan Refinancing Disclosures

Don’t forget to request your donation!


*To qualify for the $50 donation, I need to have proof that you did indeed refinance through one of the links or images found on this site. That is typically supplied by the refinancing entity, but if you’ve additional evidence, please share that info with me via e-mail.

Also, the charity you choose must be a registered 501(c)(3) charity that accepts tax-deductible donations. I’ll be donating anonymously from our donor advised fund and will send you proof of donation in the form of a receipt.

I can’t donate to a GoFundMe or similar fundraiser; it has to be an actual charitable organization in the eyes of the law. Fortunately, there are more than a million to choose from. Please supply me with as much information as possible (from Guidestar search) to fill out the donation form, which looks something like this.


We have two recommendations for student loan advice. is a White Coat Investor company. It was created to help doctors, dentists, and other high earners tackle and defeat their student debt. Andrew Paulson is the Lead Student Loan Consultant and Co-Founder of with a master’s degree in accounting and a Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP) designation.  You will receive a customized student loan plan using the principles of The White Coat Investor.  Letting a professional guide you through the best options to manage your loans will save you hours of research and stress and potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars with your custom student loan plan. Andrew can get you answers to all of your student loan questions, clarity about your financial future and start you down the right path towards financial independence. Book a consult with Andrew at today.



If you’d like advice from a former Vanguard bond trader who has consulted on over 1,000 individual’s and couple’s student loan scenarios, or would like a second opinion, consider a consult from Travis, the Student Loan Planner.

If you owe more than $100,000 in student loans and aren’t 100% sure that you’re doing everything the right way, he finds projected savings of 125 times his consulting fee on average (that one-time fee ranges from $295 to $595). That’s tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’d like a custom plan, book a time at this link .You’ll get a consult form to fill out in your confirmation email. Make sure to mention that you heard about it from Physician on Fire on the consult form (currently question #28).


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If and when you’re ready to pull the trigger and refinance your student loans, I sincerely hope you will return to this page, collect your bonus from these links and let me know where you’d like your donation to go!

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  3. PoF,

    First of all, congratulations on your recent retirement – I hope things are off to a great start! Secondly, thank you for all your fantastic insights via your own content and objective views but also the countless links to other’s (ie. Links and Sunday Best) and the many additional resources you’ve provided (and continue to update!) over the years! This has been beyond helpful in my own FI Journey and I truly appreciate your guidance and time\effort to making this site one of my personal favorites as well as easily one my most recommended (even as a non-physician), so thank you! Lastly, as I’m enjoying a nice cup of coffee this fine overcast morning in beautiful Plymouth, Mn (small world!) looking at this page to see if there are any new student loan refi cash back arbitrage opportunities (now that’s a mouthful), I wanted to reach out to see if you might be willing to donate retroactively per your note above as I just noticed this as well as recently refi’d via your commonbond back in April\May? If so, it’d be great help further support our current\future Gophers via any scholarship fund!

    Fellow Gopher

  4. Thank you for all of this great content and thank you to everyone that posts and the comments, this is all great information.

    I have a little bit of a complicated situation…

    I am currently a GI fellow in my 2nd year of fellowship. My wife is an attorney working at the law firm in a major city. I am lucky enough to not have any student loan debt however, my wife has around 300k in student loan debt from undergrad and law school at variable interest rates (4.5 to 6.8%). She has previously had late payments/missed payments so we no longer qualify for refinancing through SoFi or any other company that refinances loans.

    We currently have no savings since we just paid for our wedding recently and have had other major expenses. As a result, we are currently not paying off her student loans. Combined we are making $60k after taxes.

    My plan has been to buy a house after fellowship (for the approximate amount of my wife’s student loans, roughly 300k) and pay it off as quickly as we could (using a 15 year mortgage with low interest). After paying off the house, I wanted to take out a home equity loan at a lower interest rate to pay off her loans.

    My question is if this is a good idea and if anyone has had experience with this?


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  6. Great resource! You may want to consider adding information about the National Health Service Corps and State Loan Repayment Programs for primary care physicians. There are eligibility requirements and not all physicians are eligible, but it’s tax free money to pay down student loan debt if admitted into the programs.

  7. Another mistake I see people making is deferring loans by continuing with higher education.

    Yes, your loans can be deferred while you’re working on a graduate or doctorate degree, but they are still incurring interest, and you’re probably taking out new loans for the higher degree, which just adds to your overall debt.

    So not worth it unless you have a very specific career plan that requires a higher degree. This post is very much helpful and a lot of students didn’t know where they are getting themselves into and then regret it afterwards.

    Hopefully more students would be able to reach this post for them to be reminded. Thank you for sharing this list!

  8. This is an incredible resource for student loans! Will definitely be sharing with friends, both online and in real life. Lots of valuable content here to work through and research.


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