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Private commercial real estate investments can help investors protect and grow wealth. With the passing of the JOBS Act in 2012, accessing private real estate deals has never been easier.

But with this new opportunity also comes new challenges. Today’s investor needs to figure out how to sift through the vast amount of information presented for each deal in order to make a wise, informed decision.

I have begun to dabble in crowdfunded Real Estate with my first investment late in 2017, and I have invested with each company featured on this page.

I’ve created this page as a resource to guide you as you possibly invest in real estate crowdfunding opportunities. This page contains affiliate links to these crowdfunding companies. Signing up through these links may result in a commission paid to support this site’s charitable mission.


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Top Real Estate Crowdfunding Companies




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RealtyShares is a leading online marketplace for real estate investing, using technology to unlock an asset class worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The company connects its network of individual and institutional investors with pre-vetted real estate operators looking to raise capital for commercial and residential projects. Venture-backed by premier investors, RealtyShares has deployed more than $700 million over more than 1,000 investment opportunities across 39 states, and has returned more than $130 million in principal to investors since 2013.

Unlike some other real estate investing platforms, RealtyShares is a one-stop shop for those looking to diversify in real estate. The company offers investment opportunities across office, hospitality, healthcare, multi-family, retail, residential, and industrial properties.  RealtyShares’ dedication to strict underwriting standards may help to mitigate the risks associated with these potentially attractive investments. Keep in mind there are still risks associated with these investments.


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EQUITYMULTIPLE is a secure online platform that connects accredited individuals with exclusive, pre-vetted commercial real estate investments, with minimums as low as $5,000.

Invest passively alongside experienced real estate companies in debt, preferred equity, and equity projects across the country. Diversify across property types, risk/return profiles, and markets to build a stronger portfolio.

EQUITYMULTIPLE features full-cycle investing, providing transparent asset management updates and attentive customer service. EQUITYMULTIPLE is the only platform in the space focused exclusively on intuitional commercial real estate, with the backing of Mission Capital – a national leader in CRE finance solutions with a 10+ year operating history.




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PeerStreet  is a marketplace for investing in real estate backed loans. The platform provides investments in high-yield, short-term loans focused 100% on real estate debt. PeerStreet provides investors full transparency with loan property information and detailed investor dashboards. The $1,000 minimum investment allows for unprecedented diversification.

Also, the platform offers investors with robust automated investing features. PeerStreet’s unique business model as a curated marketplace for investing in real estate backed loans empowers both investors, as well as lenders, to independently participate in alternative investments. PeerStreet connects lenders to the global capital markets while allowing investors to diversify in a way never before possible.


RealtyMogul is a pioneer in providing real estate to discerning
investors. We give investors exclusive access to thoroughly vetted opportunities, rigorous underwriting, and high-touch customer
service through licensed investment professionals. We strive to build wealth through sound principles and data insights, serving real people who want a smart alternative investing strategy.



Fundrise gives investors access to the exclusive benefits of private market real estate through a simple, online platform. That means, with Fundrise, you can invest in premium private real estate assets and earn up to 33% higher expected annual returns than those expected of traditional stocks and bonds. Experience all the benefits of the private market, plus the transparency of an online service and none of the hidden costs or mediocre returns inherent in the public market. You can get started today with an investment tailored to your portfolio goals, ranging from supplemental income to long-term growth. With Fundrise, anyone can finally invest in real estate like a billion dollar institution. To learn more, visit Fundrise.

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