Editorial Policy

At Physician on Fire, our number 1 priority is you – doctors and high-income earners. That’s why we share things like how we make money and uphold editorial guidelines to ensure integrity. And we do it all so you can enjoy our tools, advice, and recommendations with clarity and confidence.

Our vision

A world where physicians and high-income earners achieve financial independence so they can choose to retire early if they want

Our mission

Simplify the path to financial independence.

Editorial Standards

  • The editorial team at Physician on Fire is committed to accurate, inclusive, and actionable content that inspires and serves all readers. Our editorial principles and practices guide the ways in which we source, report, write, and edit our stories. We follow a rigorous fact-checking process and correct errors fully and promptly.
  • Editorial independence is a core value. Our editorial advice, recommendations, and product assessments are not influenced by business partners, whether internal or external.
  • We are building an editorial team that reflects our diverse audience and its different financial situations. We welcome and encourage experiences and viewpoints that best help us connect with our readers, answer their questions, and earn their trust.

Editorial independence

  • Our editorial team of editors, writers, and others is exclusively responsible for creating all editorial content, including articles, reviews, guides, and lists.
  • The viewpoints expressed in our product reviews are solely editorial, based on thorough research, assessment, and comparison with similar products. Product reviews are objective, factual, and based on the actual features of the products.
  • Physician on Fire’s business partners and advertisers do not influence our product reviews or other editorial decisions.
  • Editorial team members never receive direct compensation from Physician on Fire’s business partners or advertisers.
  • Our editorial team’s performance evaluations and compensation are not affected by favorable or unfavorable product reviews nor influenced by business partners or advertisers.

Fact-checking and corrections

  • All editorial content is fact-checked for accuracy, timeliness, and relevance. We strive to ensure the information in each article is current as of the article’s publication date.
  • All content flows through a careful fact-checking process involving writers, assigning editors and copy editors.
  • Our writers rely on primary sources and authoritative sources, including interviews and government and industry websites, data and documents, to ensure our content is as clear and complete as possible.
  • When we make a factual error, we post a correction on the article where the error occurred. Readers may contact us at pof [at] Physicianonfire.com to report mistakes or to register complaints.
  • Our readers are welcome to leave comments on posts that we monitor and frequently respond to. We welcome feedback and reader engagement.


Key principles

  • All readers are entitled to balanced, complete, and accurate information.
  • Our content promotes economic equity and strives to help all readers achieve financial health.
  • Our sources are diverse and verifiably reputable. We seek experts who represent financially underserved consumers. We rarely use unnamed sources, and we explain why if we do.
  • Our reviews of financial products are always objective. Our editorial content compares financial options and builds awareness of healthy alternatives so readers feel empowered to make informed decisions.


AI Disclaimer

We do not utilize artificial intelligence writing. Humans write our content for humans.

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