Advertise Here

If you think your company or website would be a good fit with this blog, consider purchasing an ad on the site. Just about anywhere you see an ad now is available for purchase. I’ve found the best locations for private purchase ads are in the widgets, such as the column on the right hand side of this page. That way your ad is shown on EVERY page and post on the website, over 330 posts/pages and counting. I am also willing to place your ads only on individual specified pages or posts for a lower rate if you so desire.

Who can I reach with my ads?

The audience for this site consists of fellow physicians and other people who may have similar circumstances (high-income, late start, educational debt, etc…). Placement of an ad here allows you to focus on this “high-yield” audience.

Current Stats (updated June 2019)

  • Alexa US Rank 18,804
  • Linked to by 125 other sites
  • 234,700+ pageviews per month
  • 89,533+ unique visitors per month
  • 7,800+ regular RSS/Email Subscribers


Do you allow anyone to advertise here?

I limit advertisers to companies that I do not hesitate to recommend to my colleagues. Approved advertisers provide services and products that I believe can be helpful in my readers’ quest for financial independence and/or enjoyment of an early retirement.

One of my goals is to build up a sizable donor advised fund, and half of all revenue from this site will be diverted to charitable causes. Advertisers help me with this purpose.


How much will it cost to advertise here?

The going rate for ads varies by amount of traffic, location of ad, and size of ad.


Ad Types

I prefer to place private ads in the widgets, which is the sidebar spaces on each page of the blog. The chief benefit of these ads is that they are seen no matter what post or page the viewer goes to. You are essentially buying an ad on over 300 pages of the internet for one flat price.

728×90 Leaderboard Ad- SOLD OUT
250×250 Below the Fold – 1 available

I also offer several other options. The first is to have one of your ads placed into every post published on the site for the month. Typically ~14 posts are published per month.  This is limited to three ads per month (one above and two below the fold.)

Above The Fold – available
Below The Fold – available

I also offer an email ad. 2 ads are included in the email subscribers receive each time a new post is published that month (14+). It includes a 250×250 banner ad plus 50 words of text about your business.

Email Ad – available

Other options may be available such as placement of a banner on one or a few of our top viewed pages. If there’s something you’d like to try, just ask and I can quote you a price.


How do I pay for ads?

I require a minimum of a 90 day placement for widget ads, and if paid in advance for the entire period, will guarantee your price for a period of up to one year. As traffic to the site grows, I expect prices will be raised. I accept payment by snail mail check, or via paypal using either your paypal account or a credit card of your choice.


What do I need to do?

Contact our business manager, Cindy, by email with your desired ad size and location for a quote. She’ll let you know the current rate, and if acceptable to you, you need only remit payment and send the ad in a common image format such as jpeg. Ads are usually placed on the site within 24 hours.