Tax Strategists

Below you will find a number of resources we can recommend for both tax preparation (actually completing your tax return) and for tax strategizing (planning in advance to lower future tax bills).


Fox & Co. CPAs

Fox & Co. CPAs is dedicated to serving doctors who expect a more proactive experience from their tax strategists. Led by President Laura Clifford, CPA and VP Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP™, their team of tax advisors helps doctor families and practice owners across the USA make sense of their taxes and plan year-round for the future rather than focusing only on the past. The Fox team helps clients with practice startups and management, real estate investment advice, compliance and filing, and all related tax planning for both the current year and into the future to help you make optimal decisions for multiple years. Services at Fox CPA are an all-inclusive flat fee monthly subscription service. Your FPA (Fixed Payment Agreement) includes tax strategy/Q&A’s as you reach out, two annual tax projections and planning sessions, and, of course, federal/state/local tax filing. FPAs also cover tax audits and amended filing for any returns prepared by the firm. Scroll down to review fees for typical client scenarios. Schedule a no-obligation initial consult with Laura or Johanna or call 270-247-6087 if you prefer to chat with one of the sassy Southern belles, Ludonna or Becca.

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Mayfield, Kentucky, [email protected], 270-247-6087 Fox & Co. CPAs

Physician Tax Solutions

More and more physicians and high-income professionals are turning to Physician Tax Solutions. Founded in 2016 by David Auer, Physician Tax Solutions uses an innovative concierge model that provides full-service tax preparation and proactive strategies that keep more dollars in the pockets of our clients. Our founder, David Auer, recently wrote The Richest Doctor: A Modern Parable of Financial Independence that was Amazon’s #1 new release in Personal Taxation and Taxation categories. Work with the professionals that are literally writing the book on how tax service should be. Visit us at or get the first two chapters of The Richest Doctor free online at

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, [email protected], 918-409-6514 Physician Tax Solutions

Hamilton Tax and Accounting

How much of your hard-earned money disappears every year at tax time? What if you could keep more of every dollar to build lasting wealth for you and your family? We help our clients save thousands of dollars on their taxes year after year.

Let’s take a look at your unique situation and see how you can do the same. Schedule your consultation now to find out how you could save tens of thousands in taxes, so you can grow your wealth.


Grayslake, IL  [email protected] (224) 381-2660

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Tax Planner & Personal Finance Bundle from Kathryn Hanna, CPA

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this is the most comprehensive and useful tool I've come across for doing your own tax planning. I use a CPA to prepare my tax returns, but I like to have a good idea of which deductions I'll benefit from and how certain financial choices will impact my return. There are so many moving parts to the tax code. A Roth conversion might help you fill a bracket, but it could also lower your child tax credit, American Opportunity tax credit, or alter your Sec. 199A QBI deduction. That's just one of dozens of scenarios I can come up with, and this tax planning bundle, which is essentially a series of interconnected Excel (or Google Sheets) worksheets, does it all. At less than the cost of an hour of most CPAs' time, you can download Kathryn Hanna's personal finance bundle at Making Your Money Matter and use it year after year with free updates to the tax input sheet as the numbers change annually. Visit MYMM Personal Finance Bundle

Cerebral Tax Advisors

At Cerebral Tax Advisors, we are focused on minimizing your tax obligations and helping you build financial independence. Our founder and lead tax strategist, Alexis Gallati, has extensive experience in high-level tax planning strategies and multi-state tax preparation, holds two master’s degrees and serves as an Enrolled Agent, NTPI Fellow, and Certified Tax Planner. Alexis grew up in a family of physicians, is married to a private practice physician, and has been specializing for more than 18 years in tax planning for doctors and physicians. Healthcare professionals all over the country work with Cerebral Tax Advisors to lower their personal and business taxes by an average of 48% a year through court-tested and IRS approved tax strategies. The investment in our services is flat-rate pricing and quoted upfront. Contact us for a free tax analysis and for us to prove your return on investment in our services before we begin working together.


Knoxville, Tennessee,, (865) 281-1461 Visit Cerebral Tax Advisors