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Student Loan Refinancing

Refinancing your student loans can simplify repayment and save you money. Here, we’ll share a number of resources to help you manage your student loans.

Disability & Term Life Insurance Agents

Choosing a life insurance doesn’t have to be a frustrating task,. Check out our recommended insurance agents who specialize in both of these insurance plans as well as others.

Physician Mortgage Lenders

Read about our experience with a physician mortgage and our recommended list of lenders that offer physician mortgages. These lenders are sorted by state and many offer benefits and preferred rates on their mortgages for Physicians.

Passive Real Estate Investments

Passive real estate investments are a great way to increase your earnings and reach FI. Here are a list of our preferred passive real estate investment platforms to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to passive real estate investments.

Tax Strategists

nderstanding and maximizing your tax benefits is crucial to reaching FIRE. Here are our list of tax strategist who are well experienced with physician finances to offer you personalized help.

Financial Advisors

Financial planners help you save, invest, and plan your finances so you can focus on what things that matter most to you. Our recommended financial advisor specifically chosen for Physicians and high-earners.

Medical Surveys

Answer simple questions online, get paid in cash or, if you prefer, in gift cards. I know many physicians who earn cash rewards totaling hundreds of dollars every year this way, and some who earn thousands with these paid medical surveys.

Business Retirement Account Specialists

Retirement accounts are confusing enough, combine that with your business and it could easily become frustrating.. Here are our list of account specialist to help you choose what’s best for you and your business.

529 Plan

529 plans offer tax advantages, flexibility, and the benefit of earmarking money solely for education in an account that you won’t be tempted to use in any other way.

Contract Negotiation & Review

Worried about signing a contract without fully understanding the terms or negotiating on your behalf?Check out our list of specialized physician contract negotiation and review experts to make your life easier and more secure.

Personal Loans

Get the best terms and rates to save money and acheive your financial goals quicker. Click to view our preffered lenders specializing in serving physicians.

High Interest Savings

Do you have money sitting idle in a standard savings account earning one tenth of a percent? You could do at least 20x better than that with a high-yield or high-interest savings account. Check out our list of preferred banks for High Interest Savings accounts with the most up to date rates that they offer.

Courses and Products

Need additional courses and products that will help you achieve FI and retire early? Check out my list and reviews of some of the best courses and products available to help you retire early.


Check out where we apply to find our jobs, these platforms specialize in physician jobs to make finding the perfect job for you that much easier.

Estate Planning

Death is simply a part of life, and we’ve seen what happens when families aren’t prepared for that moment. Get everything in order to protect your family and avoid devastating consequences for your heirs.

Financial Tools

The days of relaying on receipts and spreadsheets are gone. Take your finances to the next level with our recommended financial tools that include investment tracking, retirement plan tracking, and much more.

Credit Cards

Before I was the doctor of credit card rewards, I used one Chase credit card for pretty much everything. With a typical credit card bill of $4,000 to $5,000 a month, I was rewarded with $40 or $50 worth of points every month and I thought that wasn’t bad.

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