Recommended Insurance Agents

This page provides a list of recommended insurance agents. All of the agents listed on this page are paid advertisers on the site and have been vetted by myself or the WCI, with an application below that you can review. We appreciate hearing feedback on these advertisers, both good and bad. Thank you for supporting those who support this site and our charitable mission.


Physician Financial Services

Lawrence B. Keller, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, LUTCF has been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1990. Unlike medicine, which has a standardized path that physicians must take to gain the education, training and experience requirements necessary to obtain board certification, the insurance and financial services industry does not. Working with an agent that is familiar with the underwriting of both disability and life insurance policies for physicians can all but guarantee a smooth underwriting process in which the desired outcome is likely. While he might not be a doctor’s first phone call regarding their insurance needs, he is often their last.

Set For Life Insurance

Since 1993, Set For Life Insurance has been a national leader in helping thousands of physicians with their disability insurance needs. They have the largest portfolio of available exclusive discounts in the country. Set for Life also has the largest availability of unisex rates nationwide helping women save significantly. As independent brokers, they shop around and help compare plans to find the most suitable policy at the best available price. Jamie Fleischner, President of Set for Life, is known for her responsive, knowledgeable, and down to earth manner when working with her clients. Set for Life Vetting Application


Dr Disability Quotes Bob Bhayani, MBA is managing partner for a truly independent provider of disability insurance planning solutions to the medical community nationwide. Bob lectures at hospitals and faculties regarding creation of income protection and risk management solutions. Bob specializes in working with residents and fellows to set up sound financial and insurance strategies. Bob leverages his decades worth of relationships with top insurance companies to deliver discounts to all eligible applicants. DrDisabilityQuotes .com is an interactive website where physicians are able to gain a wealth of knowledge regarding disability insurance and run instant life insurance comparison quotes from various companies. Dr Disability Quotes Vetting Application


MD Financial Services

MD Financial Services

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Scott Nelson-Archer, and his team have 25+ years of experience helping thousands of physicians around the country protect their future with disability income insurance and low-cost life insurance. We offer “True Own Specialty” disability contracts that pay 100% when you are unable to perform the duties of your specialty.  Designing the right policy for each Individual Physician with a Fixed or Laddered Term Life strategy can help can protect your family the right way and save you thousands in premiums over the years. Our 25+ years of experience working with Physicians around the country cannot be matched!


Kaplan Financial

Kaplan Financial Robert B. Kaplan, Certified Financial Planner™, founder and President of Kaplan Financial, specializes in serving the unique disability insurance needs of over 2,500 physicians nationwide. Robert, who founded the firm in 1990, is a former CPA with Ernst & Young and has been married to a practicing physician for over 25 years. Robert is a recognized sales leader among disability insurers. He works with a broad range of insurers to find the best combination of policy features, cost, and financial strength for you. As a result, he is able to make informed recommendations based on objective research and your individual needs.

Kaplan Financial is the place to go for objective and experienced financial advice, discounted rates on individual disability insurance, and a long-term commitment of superior service. I invite you to contact Robert Kaplan, CFP® today by visiting his website at; email at [email protected]; or by calling 818.783.6620.

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The Disability Doc

Chris Wimberly, at The Disability Doc, has helped hundreds of physicians protect their income.  As an “independent agent”, he works for you and not on behalf of any carrier. Chris brings a fresh and unique approach to the table.  He is a master at “Specialty Specific” Own Occupation coverage and has worked hard to simplify the process of selecting a plan. In addition, The Disability Doc offers a plethora of resources and videos to help you navigate your options.  And of course… Chris also has access to exclusive nationwide discounts to help you save significant money on your plan!

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Physician’s Disability Insurance Agency

At Physician’s Disability Insurance Agency, we specialize in one thing – helping residents and physicians protect the remarkable investment of time, effort, and resources they pour into their careers. We’ll help you secure an own occupation disability insurance policy that guarantees your future income, even if you suffer a disability that prevents you from practicing within your specialty. Because we’re independent, we can provide custom quotes comparing multiple policies from the most dependable insurance carriers. Our experienced agents have helped thousands of residents and physicians obtain disability insurance through our convenient, efficient, and transparent process. Call us at 800-518-1190 or request quotes online.

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BattDouglas Financial Group

The BattDouglas Financial Group provides comprehensive specialty specific disability and life insurance planning for physicians. Your specialty, age, gender, health, hobbies and state of residence all make a difference in deciding which insurance company will best fit your needs. As an independent agency specializing in insurance for physicians, we work with multiple companies to provide unbiased comparisons from highly-rated insurance providers. We work with insurance companies that offer own-occupation disability insurance policies for the best protection of your specialty. We have access to industry leading discounts and unisex rates – saving money on your premiums for years to come.

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Loyall Group

You want an insurance agent that knows how to navigate the complex world of insurance all while keeping your unique needs in mind. With 20 years of experience, Loyall Group, is a niche insurance firm that works exclusively with physicians. We take worry and confusion out of the equation by researching the best option for you as we represent all of the top disability and life insurance companies in the industry. We make the process of applying seamless with our paperless electronic applications. To get started, email [email protected], or call 972.503.5125. From chaos to clarity on all matters related to insurance, we free you from insurance so you can focus on what matters.

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Pattern provides simplified tools and training to protect doctors finances, families and futures.
We do this primarily in two ways:
– With disability and life insurance – We quote and compare the own-occupation providers that work well for doctors.
– Expert educational webinars and seminars –  We partner with experts in taxes, job search, legal issues, and debt… to provide valuable honest content for residents, fellows, and  and early career physicians.
We want to help doctors eliminate confusion, defeat misinformation and guide them in the next steps to take financially.