When Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) experienced a bank run and was abruptly closed and taken over by the Federal Deposit

In 2023, I made my eleventh pair of “backdoor Roth” IRA contributions. It’s a great way for high-income professionals to

The target date fund has often been talked about as a model for harnessing the advantages of index investing and

Earlier this week, we examined why financial advisors might do this crap. Good financial advisors pursue certifications and take oaths

Here’s a scenario that’s played itself out several times since I started writing about personal finance. A couple, at or

Recently, we compared two similar private real estate funds from Trion and 37th Parallel. We’ll continue in that tradition today

In January of 2018, I made some of my first passive real estate investments, including an allocation to a diversified

Would you believe it’s been over two years since I last updated the PoF Portfolio? Me neither, but it’s the

One of the cooler and more rewarding ways of giving back is paying it forward. Endowing a scholarship at a

Let’s begin by taking a look at what was written at this time last year. “As another challenging year comes

Here at Physician on FIRE, we’re big fans of passive income. Sometimes that comes from investments, sometimes it comes from

Nobody’s perfect. Even folks who seem to have All of Their Stuff Together will admit, if you perhaps ask them

We can’t control the market, and we can’t control the overall timing with which we invest. All we can do

Over the years, I’ve developed and fine-tuned a portfolio and net worth tracker that I’ve found quite helpful as do-it-yourself

We humans would love to be able to see the future. That need naturally makes us gravitate toward experts and

It’s never too early to start investing. And it’s very probably true that providing a spark of interest, and perhaps

If you think we’ve had it bad with inflation nearing 10% per year, you have no idea what “bad” really

Why would anyone want to buy I Bonds? Does a guaranteed, annualized interest rate of 6.89% for the until March,

We talk a lot around here about the importance of staying the course. Jack Bogle was fond of saying, don’t

Founded in 2013 shortly after the passage of the JOBS Act allowed for this business model, Crowdstreet has emerged as

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