Guest Post Policy

Yes, I publish guest posts! Weekly, in fact.

But not just any guest post. To be considered for publication, I do have some guidelines.

First, consider who reads this blog. I write for the high-income professional who has an interest in personal finance, investing, and financial independence.

She might be a doctor, lawyer, actuary, or entrepreneur. He has been successful in his career, but is considering a break from the too-busy life he’s been living. They have money and want to invest it in a smart and simple way. They don’t mind spending money, but don’t want to waste their money, either.


I do not publish so-called “sponsored posts,” which are often written as a long-form advertisement or exist for the sole purpose of creating a valuable link to another site. Any guest post submitted should contain no paid links.

Also, I do not want content submitted as a “guest post” that has been previously published elsewhere. I link to articles that best fit my audience in The Sunday Best series, and I syndicate some of the most popular posts, but those are not considered guest posts.


A well-written guest post will have most of the following features:

  • At least 1,200 words. 1,500 to 2,000 or more is even better.
  • Unique perspectives on the topics featured here
  • Personal stories
  • No grammatical errors or profanity
  • From someone familiar with my content and writing style. See ALL POSTS and read at least a few posts to become familiar if you’re not already.
  • Is not a repeat of a topic that’s already been well covered on this site
  • Images are your own or obtained from a legitimate royalty-free site (i.e. not Google Images)
  • No plagiarized content
  • Short paragraphs with headings to break up the text


Do you have to be a blogger to guest post? No! In fact, some of my favorite and most popular guest posts are from readers who don’t have a blog of their own. Writing a post to share your story or ideas can be a wonderful creative outlet. You may eventually choose to start a blog of your own.


If you are a blogger, why would you want to submit a guest post?

  • Good exposure to help readers find you.
  • I’ll allow a couple of links to posts of yours if it fits well within the context of the post.
  • SEO. As of 2021, this site has a Domain Authority of 49 (Check yours here)
  • I’ll promote the post on Social Media
  • You’re likely to see hundreds of new readers on your site on the day of publication.


I prefer to hear from bloggers who I’m familiar with in some way, whether it’s interaction on Twitter, comments on each other’s posts, etc… I also prefer to hear from bloggers who have blogging for longer than 6 months. That shows a level of commitment and makes it less likely I’ll have dead links in my guest posts to clean up in the future.


What kind of posts am I looking for? Here are a few examples, but let your creative juices flow:

  • How I / we attained or are attaining financial independence.
  • How you plan to take advantage of your FI status — work less, volunteer, retire early, amazing travels, new and different career, etc…
  • Share your IPS and explain your rationale for the line items
  • What challenges you’ve overcome or changes you’ve made to make FI a possibility
  • How you spend your money: Where do you save and where do you splurge
  • How Tax Loss Harvesting or other personal finance trick has made you wealthier
  • Why [insert common $ practice] is a bad idea and what you do instead.
  • Why you choose not to pursue FI or RE
  • The Pros and Cons of your career in medicine and would you choose it again?
  • Any controversial or counterintuitive money ideas you have or use.


If you would like to submit a guest post, you can either send a completed post, or get in touch with me via e-mail and give me your top 3 ideas, and I’ll select my favorite. I cannot guarantee I’ll publish something until I’ve had a chance to read and review it.


Completed posts can be sent as an e-mail attachment in Word or Google Doc form (no .pages files, please). If you are a blogger and familiar with WordPress, I’m more than happy to take a formatted post via copy and paste from the Text tab of your WordPress editor. Just put that code right into the body of the email. No attachment required. This is actually my preferred method.


Last, but not least, I also have an ongoing series of Christopher Guest Posts, which is an interview series for fellow bloggers. These are generally by invitation only, but I probably won’t turn you down if I’m familiar with your site, you’ve been blogging for a year or more, and your content would be of value to my target audience. I also have 3 different interview series for non-bloggers.


Thank you, and please reach out to me if you have any questions. You can easily reach me via email at pof (at) physicianonfire (dot) com or via Twitter @physicianonfire