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You’ll find many examples of my writing on this site, but I’ve also been published on a number of other more influential sites. To quote Ron Burgundy, “I’m kind of a big deal.”


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Places where my writing has appeared:

Physician's Money Digest

Numerous articles @ Physician’s Money Digest.

Rejecting Every Reason Not to Retire Early February 7, 2017


My collection of articles @ KevinMD


White Coat Investor

I’m featured regularly on The White Coat Investor

Fulfilled Physicians

Creating Fulfillment and Financial Independence in Medicine April 27, 2016

Rockstar Finance

The following articles (hosted here) have been featured by Rockstar Finance:

Make it a Treat March 23, 2016

Double Your Money with the Rule of 72 April 15, 2016

Money, Achievement, Fame, and Suicidal Ideation August 29, 2016

Financial Independence Versus Financial Freedom November 7, 2016

My Money is Worth More Than Your Money January 6, 2017

Second Generation FIRE August 10, 2017

Why This Index Fund Investor Purchased an Individual Stock September 14, 2017

Don’t Retire to Something. Retire on Something. September 26, 2017

Three Weeks in Guanajuato, Mexico: A Preview of Life After FIRE December 22, 2017


Make the Things You Enjoy Treats, Not Habits, to Keep Them as Healthy Incentives March 23, 2016

It’s Okay to Spend Money, Just Don’t Forget About Your Financial Goals November 9, 2016


Can Doctors Retire Early? March 4, 2016






10 Questions with Physician on FIRE June 17, 2016

Doximity Logo

The Top 5 Reasons to Retire Early May 13, 2016

How I Became Financially Independent by Age 40 June 10, 2016

The Financial Impact of Lifestyle: A Tale of Four Physicians July 1, 2016

Pros and Cons of Locum Tenens Work June 2, 2016

The Impact of Specialty Choice June 19, 2016

Why I Chose Not to Retire at 39 July 28, 2016

Geographic Arbitrage October 18, 2016

Who Are the Physicians Who Retire Early? October 16, 2016

Top 5 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self October 18, 2016

Rich Doctor’s Family Spends How Much in a Year? December 30, 2016

Real Estate for Physicians: Location, Location, Location December 17, 2016

My MOC Debacle: Nevermind That $2,100 Exam You Just Took February 17, 2017

I’m Equal Parts Doctor, Scribe, and Mouse Jockey April 4, 2017

What’s Your Part-Time Number? May 30, 2017

Lessons Learned at a Physician’s Retirement Planning Workshop October 22, 2017

Regret After Leaving a Medical Career Behind November 12, 2017

Live Way Better Than a Resident… on Much Less November 28, 2017


Why You Should Plan How You Want to Die June 27, 2016


Interview Series: Physician on FIRE July 21, 2016


I Have Every Dollar I’ve Earned in My 10 Year Career September 12, 2016


Behind the Screen Interview Series with Physician on FIRE September 23, 2016


Financial Heroes: PoF #1 Champion for Physicians Seeking F.I.R.E. October 3, 2016

Future Proof Docs – Physician on FIRE (PoF) October 22, 2016

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H.I.P Exam with Physician on FIRE Juy 11, 2017

My Sons Father

Random Questions with Physician on FIRE August 17, 2017

Interview with Physician on FIRE September 7, 2017

Podcasts Interviews with Physician on FIRE


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