Christopher Guest Post: Our Next Life

Today’s guest needs no introduction, but you’re going to get one, anyway. Just in case  you don’t read any other FIRE blogs, never read my Sunday Best posts where she’s been featured regularly, and have never been amused by her witty animated gifs she shares on Twitter. Tanja Hester (no relation to Devin) has been sharing her transition from hard-working globetrotter (no relation to basketball) to early retiree and dedicated outdoorswoman. She recently retired at a very young age (38) along with her husband Mark at a pretty young age (41). Meanwhile, I’m 42 and still working, but that may change […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Crispy Doc

Please give a warm welcome to Crispy Doc, the Emergency Medicine physician based in California who has been kind enough to share his insights with us in the latest interview here. Like me, he has found a better work / life balance for his family by working less often. He fills some of that time sharing his wisdom on his site which he calls his midlife crisis blog know as Crispy Doc — think burnout and FIRE, hence the “crisp” on the doc. He also helps out as a volunteer moderator on the rapidly expanding Physicians on FIRE Facebook Group (~ 3,700 […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Distilled Dollar

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing our friend Matt, a CPA and entrepreneur from the windy city. He has been blogging at Distilled Dollar since early 2016. His first post was published on January 5th of that year, a mere four days before I published mine. You could say our blogs have grown up together, and I’m glad to see our little guys thriving as toddlers now in the spring of 2018. Matt has turned his online presence into a full-time gig as you’ll learn in the interview that follows. Not only does he have the blog, but he’s […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Coach Carson

Coach Carson

I’d like to introduce you all to my friend Chad “Coach” Carson, a real estate investor, blogger, family man, and long-term international traveler. I talk about slow travel, but my three-week adventures pale in comparison to the nearly year and a half that he and his family of four is wrapping up in Cuenca, Ecuador. I met Coach Carson on his last trip stateside in the fall of 2017 at the blogger’s conference known as FinCon. He’s as humble as he is tall and has a great mind for business. One might not expect a former All-American linebacker from Clemson […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Think Save Retire

Think Save Retire

Today, we crank the amp up to eleven with Steve from Think Save Retire. Since the fall of 2014, he’s been encouraging people to Think about what the want from life, Save a good chunk of your income, and Retire when you’re good and ready. Steve was ready to retire in his mid-thirties after a career in information technology. Now, he and his wife Courtney are living a streamin’ life traveling the country in an Airstream RV with their dogs. Although he was once a big spender, he realized he’s perfectly happy living on a smaller budget, and took the […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Financially Alert

We’ve got another exciting interview lined up for you today. Our guest is none other than Michael, an early retiree with nearly six years of experience since he “retired” in 2012 from his corporate job. I put “retired” in quotes, because he does on his About Me page, and like many early retirees, he has found new and interesting ways to spend his time, some of which include earning money. His site, Financially Alert, is one of those things. Michael left his job at age 36, which means we’re right around the same age. With a net worth that qualifies […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Life of a Med Student

The latest in this fun little question and answer series is Dr. Charles Cochran, the man behind the twitter handle and now a blog by the same name titled Life of a Med Student. We’ve got a fair amount in common, including a midwest upbringing, anesthesia jobs close to home, and of course, both being bloggers. One key difference is that “Charlie” had a Twitter following of nearly 50,000 when he started his blog, and I had a following of zero, having started the blog and Twitter account at the same time. We’ll get to know Charlie a lot better […]

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Christopher Guest Post: The Wall Street Physician

Wall Street Physician Interview

Today’s Christopher Guest Post features a physician with a Wall Street background. Not just the vague “invested in Wall Street” backround, but an actual history of working for an investment bank on the trading floor in New York City. He has been prolific in his thrice-weekly posting since starting his blog at the beginning of 2017. We have similar philosophies when it comes to investing and personal finance, but we are at opposite ends of the physician career spectrum. He is at the beginning, while I am inching ever closer to wrapping mine up. Read on and get to know […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Dads Dollars and Debts

Dads Dollars Debts Interview

He’s a Dad. He earns Dollars. He’s conquering Debt. He is… Dads Dollars Debts! EJ also happens to be a cardiologist with an interest in financial independence. He settled down in a high cost of living area, bought a million dollar home, and promptly had it burn to the ground after a harrowing middle-of-the-night evacuation. His interest in minimalism promptly became a forced reality, and one of the first things he picked up after the disaster was a new laptop so he could continue to share his story with the online community. We’ve been communicating back and forth for the […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Full Time Finance

Christopher Guest Post Full Time Finance

Today’s Christopher Guest Post features a father who shares his financial philosophies on his site known as Full Time Finance. Like me, he is a product of the 1970’s, is relatively, but not overly frugal, and has two boys that figure prominently in any discussion of the future. He’s assembled a blogroll of sorts that includes only fellow Gen-Xers. I don’t know of another list like it, so be sure to check it out if you’re somewhere between Millennial and Boomer. He posts two to three times a week, and, as you will learn, has attained an education that makes […]

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Christopher Guest Post: From Cents to Retirement


Today’s guest joins us from across the pond. Benjamin Davis of From Cents to Retirement grew up in Portugal and Italy, and has lived in Canada and Germany. The 28-year Ph.D. old has spent a great deal of time on his education, yet has the lofty goal of being able to retire at 33. He plans to take advantage of geographic arbitrage, and figures he’ll be good to go in Portugal with about €670,000 generating €2,500 a month. He built his reputation answering questions on Quora, where he has nearly 10,000 followers, and launched a website in 2016. He has released […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Gen Y Finance Guy

Gen Y Finance Guy

Today’s Christopher Guest Post starring Dominic, the Gen Y Finance Guy, is a bit of a two-for-one, or BOGO if you will. Please stick around here to learn a lot more about our half-millionaire friend and suffer my attempts at witty banter, then head on over to his site to read my Freedom Fighter Interview there. While Dom is not a physician, he is a high-income professional who got a head start compared to those of us who chose to wear the write coat. Like I once did, he has designs on accumulating a $10 Million fortune, and ihe is sharing […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Get Money Got Money

Get Money Got Money

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. Today’s lucky guest is a young man who caught my attention with a guest post entitled What Hiking 700 Miles Taught Me About Money and Life. I’m a big fan of walking, but WOW! That is one long walk. I first saw the post on Pauline Paquin’s Reach Financial Independence, and learned that the author, Brian Groener, has a site of his own known as Get Money Got Money. The recent college grad has wisdom well beyond his years, a fact that should be quite evident as you wade through the proceeding paragraphs. […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Mr. Tako Escapes

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. Today, we feature Mr. Tako, a young man who runs a killer tako stand with the best guac retired early in his thirties with a multi-million dollar net worth. Like me, he has a couple sons that he cherishes. Unlike me, he decided to leave his day job when his second son was born, whereas mine will be in grade school when I have decided I’ve had Enough. Having started his blog about the same time as me, he’s got more than 18 months worth of quality posts on his site, a number […]

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Christopher Guest Post: My Money Wizard

Christopher Guest Post MMW

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. Today’s interview is with a young man who took I-35 north from Texas to the great state of Minnesota, where he has found success in both life and blogging. His writing has been featured in lots of places that mine hasn’t, like Yahoo!, MSN, Business Insider, and Forbes. He’s a millennial in his late twenties with a six-figure net worth and thousands of readers. When I was in my twenties, I had a decidedly negative net worth and struggled to get friends to read my e-mails. Do you hate this guy as much […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Senior Resident

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. Today’s guest post is the “Resident Sensei” of his site known as Senior Resident. Despite the name, the good doctor is no longer a resident, but is an attending radiologist in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii. Like me, he was initially anonymous to the public, but he has since revealed his identity as Walter Nguyen, MD. Dr. Nguyen was kind enough to answer my inane questions in great detail and I think you’ll enjoy the banter between us. Although we haven’t met in real life, I hope to remedy that, perhaps within a year or […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Big Law Investor

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. Today’s distinguished guest has been blogging for nearly a year. He has crushed his debt and put out a number of great posts on the topics of investing, debt payoff, taxes, and more despite his busy day job as a lawyer. A what?!? How did a #$(* lawyer sneak in here? Does this site have no criteria? No shame? Well, to be fair, he doesn’t chase ambulances. He wasn’t the guy handing OJ the little gloves. He’s not John Edwards reenacting the birth of a cerebral palsy patient from the fetal perspective. Read on […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Ten Factorial Rocks

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. Today’s guest is Dr. TFR, Ph.D. or if you prefer, the author behind Ten Factorial Rocks. You may be asking yourself, what kind of rocks are those? I remember sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous… but factorial? In this case, the idea is that the mathematical function known as 10! (ten factorial) is awesome. It rules. It rocks. The number, which is equal to 10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 3,628,800. That’s how many dollars the engineer might like to have […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Family Money Plan

Family Money Plan

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. This is the second Q & Eh to come from north of the border in the question and answer series. Today’s guest is Andrew of Family Money Plan. Andrew is a hockey-playing, big-smiling family man with a plan. He paid off his mortgage to become 100% debt-free and is doing his part to help others do that same. Let’s see what the good man has to say, eh?   What’s a Christopher Guest post?   Inspired by Nigel Tufnel, the character portrayed by Christopher Guest in Spinal Tap, I took Mr. 1500’s ten questions, and amped them up to eleven. […]

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Christopher Guest Post: ESI Money

Welcome to the latest Christopher Guest post. Today’s post is a page turner from a veteran blogger and recent early retiree. His latest opus is the site ESI Money. That’s Earn Save Invest. Easy enough. The former corporate president is a man physicians can identify with. He didn’t retire at 28 on a shoestring budget, but rather at 52 with a healthy 7-figure portfolio. Read on to learn more about the man, and if you’re willing to share your e-mail address, he’ll gladly share with you his free e-book: Three Steps to Financial Independence. Can you guess what they are?   What’s a […]

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