Christopher Guest Post: Five Year FIRE Escape

Five year Fire Escape

The Christopher Guest Post is back! For years, I published one of these faithfully every three weeks. This is the first one since Jillian Johnsrud paid us a visit in early July. What happened? A few things, I suppose. The main one is that it was a busy time as I was wrapping up my job, in between homes, and enjoying the summer up north. I didn’t get enough invites out, and I’m still waiting to hear back from some […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Montana Money Adventures

Let’s go on an adventure! A money adventure!! In Montana!!! My friend Jillian, a.k.a. Ms. Montana, was kind enough to take some time from her busy schedule of raising oodles of children and advising dozens hundreds thousands of readers on how they can achieve financial independence on a modest salary to stop by and answer my silly questions. Ms. Montana, who, despite the moniker, has never won a beauty pageant but easily could with her 72 inches of height and […]

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Stealth Wealth and Financial Independence: A Q&A with PoF

Stealth Wealth

A while ago, I was interviewed by a site much bigger than this one for a story on stealth wealth and financial independence. Knowing this would reach many people, I put a fair amount of time and effort into it. Not surprisingly, much of what I wrote ended up on the blogging room floor, to borrow a moviemaking analogy. I’m glad to see financial independence and stealth wealth featured on a bigger stage, and I thought his use of the […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Can I Retire Yet?

Can I Retire Yet?

I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Chris Mamula back to the site. The prolific writer who started Eat the Financial Elephant, took over the reins at Can I Retire Yet, and co-authored a book with the Choose FI guys somehow found the time to answer my silly set of 11 questions. Regular readers will recognize the name, and you may recall his previous guest post, Retiring Early in Healthcare Without a Physician’s Income. Chris will be the first to […]

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Christopher Guest Post: The Physician Philosopher


The White Coat Investor Network has expanded! I’m proud to introduce a physician and blogger who is very likely familiar to you, Dr. James Turner a.k.a. The Physician Philosopher. The good doctor commonly goes by “Jimmy,” which conjures up several images, most prominently the one with Jimmy from Good Times saying Dyn-o-mite! And we can’t call him Jim because we already have a Jim Dahle, so I’m going to stick with James. We don’t have written criteria for new additions […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Wealth Well Done


I prefer my wealth medium-rare, just like my filet mignon. My friend Bill also likes his beef medium-rare, as well learn below, and I believe we enjoyed a couple of rare tuna sandwiches after a bike ride in Crosby, MN a couple of years ago. When it comes to wealth, however, Bill prefers his wealth well done. That’s the name of his blog, a site that he’s used as a creative outlet to help others find purpose and fulfillment while growing […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Mad Fientist


It is my distinct pleasure to bring you a guest who has been a part of this online financial independence movement for a good long while, more than twice as long as I have, in fact. Physician on FIRE is in its fourth year, while Brandon has been writing and podcasting at Mad Fientist since 2012, and is now in year number eight. That pretty much makes him an O.G. in this space along with people like Mr. Money Mustache, […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Financial Panther

“Mr. Simpson, You’re a dollar overdrawn.” “Get him, Sheba!”  Those were the humble beginnings of the Financial Panther. That Simpsons sketch would later inspire my lawyer friend Kevin to become the less ferocious, but equally effective online embodiment of the Financial Panther. Kevin was one of the very first bloggers I met in person. He commented on a blog post of mine back in the summer of 2016, and we met up a short while later at Surly Brewing where […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Route to Retire

Meet Jim. Jim is retired. Jim retired just under a month ago at the age of 43. That’s my age. While they’re not planning a fatFIRE existence — he became a millionaire for the first time back in 2017 — their budget will feel pretty fat when he moves to Panama with his wife and daughter this summer. That’s right; they’re moving to Panama to take advantage of some international geographic arbitrage. I first met Jim at FinCon17 where he […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Mr. Crazy Kicks

It’s my pleasure to welcome “Mr. Crazy Kicks” as the latest guest to be featured in my eleven-question interview series, the Christopher Guest Post. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Talented engineer makes good money, lives simply, invests in index funds, and retires in his thirties. Enjoys his days exploring new hobbies, riding a bicycle, and travels for next-to-nothing. Oh, and he started a blog. While it may be a familiar story, Mr. CK has some unique hobbies […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Miss Bonnie MD

I’m honored to have my friend Miss Bonnie MD here to allow us to get to know her better. The good doctor is a leading voice in the physician personal finance space. She focuses on empowering female physicians to take control of their finances to create a better, more balanced life in medicine. I first met Miss Bonnie when I was visiting New York early this year, and we grabbed a beverage at the world’s best bar.  A few months later, […]

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Christopher Guest Post: She Picks Up Pennies

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I’ve got a special guest on this special day, a gal that is thankful that you stopped by today to let her share a bit about herself and her story. She’s also grateful when she sees money just lying there on the sidewalk. It doesn’t matter the denomination. She Picks up Pennies. “Penny” is an award-winning blogger, school teacher, and all around good person. We met briefly at FinCon17 but regrettably failed to cross paths this year. If […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Go Curry Cracker

Let’s give Jeremy, our friend from Go Curry Cracker, a warm welcome to the stage. In this latest rendition of the Christopher Guest Post, I’m happy to present one of the first FIRE bloggers I found several years ago when my eyes were opened to this amazing thing called financial independence.’ I was drawn to his site not only because he retired young from a high-income career, but also for the fact that he travels more or less non-stop. He […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Early Retirement Dude

Today’s guest needs no introduction from regular readers of this website. The Early Retirement Dude has been featured numerous times in The Sunday Best and he recently shared a guest post with us entitled Early Retirement Doesn’t Have to Suck. He’s right you know, and with 13 years of it under his belt, he should know. The monkey-loving Dude was kind enough to supply an introduction of his own, saving me a bit of time. Thanks, Dude! Here it is: Early […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Abandoned Cubicle

A week ago, I harvested a nice collection of cascade and centennial hops that grow splendidly on the south side of our house. I mention this because I plan to brew a nice IPA with those hops this fall. Until that beer’s ready, I’ve got a nice commercial IPA on tap in the basement keezer — the Cubicle Fugitive from Three Twenty Brewing. It’s a solid IPA that pairs oh-so-well with the blog featured in today’s Christopher Guest post — […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Apathy Ends

CGP Apathy Ends

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine in the personal finance community who writes at the site known as Apathy Ends. He encourages others to take action and build wealth. Like me, he has a family of four. Like me, he lives in Minnesota. Like me, he enjoys an occasional craft beer, which is something we’ve done together now on several occasions, most recently a week ago. Like me, he’s also been known to pull fish up […]

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Christopher Guest Post – Root of Good

Today, we have the distinct honor of welcoming Justin from Root of Good to the stage. While not quite as O.G. as our last guest, the retired engineer with a law degree has been blogging about his early retirement lifestyle for the past five years, ever since leaving the daily grind at the age of 33 with three young children. Justin and his family reside in North Carolina, but take advantage of their summers to travel far and wide. They […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Retire by 40

Today, I am honored to bring you insights from one of the first FIRE bloggers on the internet. Joe Udo started Retire by 40 a full eight years ago, retired from his engineering job with Intel 6 years ago, and has been sharing his journey as a husband, father, and blogger throughout this decade. Joe has been a friend of this blog since its inception. I had a guest post appear on his site entitled Can Doctors Retire Early? on […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Chief Mom Officer

Welcome to another edition of the Christopher Guest Post! Today’s guest is a female breadwinner you may already know as the Chief Mom Officer. She’s a hard-working mother of three who somehow finds the time to share her wisdom on her eponymous site, Chief Mom Officer. While she is not a physician, she does have a six-figure income and has been an investment junkie since her teenage years. Now she’s raising teenagers of her own (and a three-year old) while […]

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Christopher Guest Post: Jim Wang of Wallet Hacks

Welcome to another edition of my quirky Q&A series, the Christopher Guest post. Sitting down with me today is none other than long-time blogger Jim Wang, who is now sharing his financial tips and tricks on the site Wallet Hacks. His current site only predates this one by about four months, but prior to that, Jim had a very popular site that, according to rumor, sold for millions of dollars. That site doesn’t exist anymore, so he’s been busy building […]

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