It 8217 s often said that there are only two absolutely certain things in life death and taxes But many

How much would the taxes on a million dollars be We calculate it based on earning that sum over 10

When the stock market hiccups as it is known to do from time to time you may have one of

I 8217 m excited to share a tax planning tool that I 8217 m thrilled to have discovered a year

We wish you a Merry Checklist we wish you a Merry Checklist we wish you 8230 you get the idea

If you 8217 ve spent any time learning the U S tax code you 8217 ve learned that taxes are

There are actually several ways to avoid paying capital gains taxes It 8217 s just that most of them are

I 8217 ve been known to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities like the geographic arbitrage somewhat unique to the medical

Whatever your circumstances if you bought a home and are thinking about moving I implore you to live in your

I 8217 ve shown you how easy it can be to pay no federal income tax in retirement In fact

During our years of wealth accumulation a k a working we pay a pretty penny in taxes We become accustomed

I don 8217 t make the rules I just try to play by them And the rules tend to favor

Vanguard my preferred brokerage has taken strides in recent years to make it very easy to donate appreciated assets In

2021 is the fourth year in which I 8217 ll be eligible to receive a QBI deduction that is a

It is commonly understood that muni bond taxation is favorable Typically an investor will not owe federal income tax on

I 8217 ve not done a tax return reveal before but 2019 was an interesting year from a tax perspective

A long time reader recently reached out with an intriguing idea he wanted to share his passive income tax rate

High income professionals should focus not only the returns from their investments but also the after tax returns The difference

I 8217 ve written extensively about how I use a donor advised fund to give more generously while taking advantage

Today I 8217 ve got a guest post from one of our nation 8217 s foremost experts on the 20

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