Jorge Sanchez: Path to FIRE

Jorge Sanchez’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey is no less than a piece of fiction.

His path to success has often been unconventional and not always easy. Aspiring entrepreneurs can certainly take a leaf out of his book and learn how persistence is critical to achieving career dreams.

Born in Colombia, South America, Jorge moved with his family to the United States in 1971 and arrived in New Jersey. He grew up in the Northeast and went to college in 1986, which appeared to be quite unlikely at one point in time. 

The Sanchez family under the Arizona night sky

This is the time when Jorge realized that he was blessed with the unique quality of simplifying complex problems and concepts by building systems that make learning easier.



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Jorge went to William Paterson University, New Jersey in 1995 and later graduated from the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School with a Doctor of Medicine in 2003. However, much before that, he started teaching MCAT courses in 1989 and continued until 1999. Life was far from smooth sailing for Jorge throughout this phase of his life. In 1995, he had to open a neighborhood health food store with his father to support his family. Four years later, in 1999, he donated one of his kidneys to his ailing mother.

From 2003 to 2007, Jorge was associated with Rutgers Medical School as the Director of Clinical Skills. In 2007, he co-founded PKG Hospitalist Group, a successful hospitalist company in Southern Florida. After taking this program to great heights from scratch, Jorge sold it in 2010 and started working as an independent contractor and Locums tenens after moving to Arizona in 2011.

An avid nature lover, Jorge developed a keen interest in photography after relocating to Arizona. This is when he met Nirav Shah by chance while photographing landscapes in the misty Pacific Northwest. This association progressed beyond the duo’s common interest as they started exploring the idea of building a digital health start-up where remote monitoring of patients could be offered and scaled to large healthcare systems. They worked in tandem to create a digital health startup named Alertive in 2017.

Nirah Shah, my cofounder of Alertive, educating patients about RPM

Jorge and Nirav raised venture capital to enter the small community of start-ups and an even smaller world of physician entrepreneurs. After scaling the company, they sold it to Carbon Health from San Francisco in 2021.

Carbon Health bought Alertive in 2021. Carbon and Alertive team members

Following a hiatus of approximately one year, Jorge and Nirav started looking for their next big idea. After meeting fellow physicians and trying to have them join him in his journey of entrepreneurship, Jorge realized that many of them were unable to be a part of building companies because of their financial constraints.

This is the time when he came across the website Physician on FIRE. The idea of helping physicians take control of their personal and professional destinies resonated with Jorge, and he started a new journey by joining Physician on FIRE alongside Nirav Shah in 2023. In this new venture, Jorge’s goal is to advance the financial knowledge of physicians to help them successfully control their financial (and eventually personal) destinies.

In a highly eventful career spanning over 3 decades, Jorge has taught thousands of students, interns, and residents. Even after acquiring a wealth of experience in operating at the cross-section of business strategy, technology, and design, he is still passionate about patient-centric healthcare delivery. Jorge has published several papers on hypertension, including an abstract presentation on cloud-based patient monitoring at the American Heart Association National Convention in San Francisco in 2017. A patent holder in the area of precision monitoring, he still works tirelessly to enhance the delivery of healthcare to at-risk populations by combining technological innovation with remote physiologic monitoring.


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1 thought on “Jorge Sanchez: Path to FIRE”

  1. I know that you are trying to find your “voice” with this blog. Doing a profile of Jorge is certainly a start, but I’d suggest that you transition to writing in first person, not 3rd person. It come across as too encyclopedia-like, and curated. And I’d suggest you adding more on your bio like what you did when you first went to college in 1996…did you work after that and before med school, etc.

    In addition to the excellent content under the prior POF (Leif), he truly personalized the content and activities that were going on in his life that we regular readers could relate to.

    I suspect many of us are trying to give you a chance, hope this feedback comes across as helpful, not critical.


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