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Moby Review: Focusing on Building Lasting Wealth

man reviewing stock options

Navigating the stock market can feel like deciphering a complex puzzle. With an overwhelming flood of information, it feels almost impossible at times to determine “where”, “why”, and “what” to invest in.

Remember the whirlwind of Gamestop and AMC, or the dizzying heights of crypto in 2021? These market fluctuations highlight the challenge of sifting through endless speculation and hype to build a high-quality portfolio.

Long story short, it’s hard to construct a quality portfolio with all of the wild projections and conjectures about every possible stock, meme trade, and short squeeze.

Now, as we cautiously approach what seems to be a turning point in the market’s volatility, especially with the Fed’s rate hikes, it’s clear that our investment strategy needs a clear reboot.

The past few years have underscored the importance of staying vigilant and focused on the markets, striving to maximize gains while skillfully navigating the risks in these hypercompetitive conditions.

Whether you’re aiming to sharpen your investing acumen or on the hunt for the next big investment opportunity, your search ends here.

That’s because we’ve found Moby. Out of all the investing services I’ve ever signed up for Moby, has by far, been the most valuable for my long-term wealth.

So here’s my review of Moby in which I pay special attention to what really matters:

  • How their stock picks are performing
  • Are they really generating upside while taking on less risk
  • How they stack up against the competition
  • If they’re worth it
Try Moby Here

Moby: The Comprehensive Financial Intelligence Platform

Personally speaking, trying to make sense of this market can seem borderline impossible.

There’s so much noise in the media, along with a torrent of scams, useless coaches, and an army of broke day traders trying to claim that an $800-dollar course is the only thing separating you from financial freedom.

I’ve always been one looking for signals rather than just succumbing to the numbing noise. It’s how I’ve made my respective returns (over the years), and certainly how I continue to do so.

That’s why I’m really glad that a platform like Moby. Moby has become my go-to app for all of my investing needs. That’s because they’ve truly helped me gain a clear understanding of:

  • Where I need to be invested in the market (sectors, trends, etc).
  • Why I should be invested in a diverse set of asset classes (equities. gold, bonds, etc).
  • What companies I need to keep my eye on at all times.
  • How to invest and assess economic market conditions with confidence.

Moby stands out as a financial intelligence platform designed to demystify the complexities of the market.

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This team, comprised of seasoned investment analysts from prestigious institutions like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, pair up with journalists to help you actually understand what’s going on in the markets.

Their mission? To cut through the “smoke and mirrors” often associated with financial research and stock picking, offering clear, actionable insights.

moby logo

Moby’s Stock Picks: A Track Record of Success

Moby’s stock picks are more than just suggestions; they are backed by rigorous research and a proven track record. From early identification of market trends to timely investment advice, Moby has consistently paved the way for lucrative investment opportunities. Here’s how:

  • Proven Picks: Moby’s foresight in the market, evidenced by early investments in companies like TPL and Alcoa, has consistently delivered high returns.
  • AI Revolution Insight: With its early focus on Nvidia and other AI-centric stocks, Moby demonstrates its knack for identifying and capitalizing on technological advancements.

People who’ve stuck with Moby swear by them, especially for identifying a sizeable amount of trends earlier than most organizations. Their initial position in Tesla was timed before the big post-pandemic boom and has returned over 985% since then.

They even called the GLP-1 craze super early with their Eli Lilly pick in 2020 and have ridden that craze up 300%

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few of the many picks they’ve helped me with over the years.

Stock Pick All-Time High Performance Through Today
Tesla 985% 516%
MicroStrategy 832% 295%
Alcoa 752% 110%
Moderna 726% 29%
Texas Pacific Land Trust 676% 335%
Nvidia 478% 438%
Ford 401% 116%
E.L.F. Beauty 390% 349%
Eli Lilly 336% 301%
Marathon Petroleum 324% 278%
Palantir 315% 62%
Halliburton 267% 184%
Apple 190% 183%
Dick’s Sporting Goods 188% 161%

Getting past all of the great individual winners though, the average of stocks they’ve recommended has handily beaten my S&P 500 ETFs, so the subscription has literally paid for itself and then some!

And as you can see from the brief picture above, they’re finding opportunities in everything from healthcare to emerging technologies.

Key Features: Moby

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, Moby emerges as more than just a stock-picking platform; it’s a pivotal resource for investors.

Bridging the gap between complex market data and actionable insights, Moby stands as a beacon for both new and experienced investors seeking clarity and direction in their investment journey. Moby offers:

  • Daily Market Signals: Moby offers a fresh perspective on market dynamics every day. With content available in written and audio formats, Moby ensures you’re always in sync with the latest market trends.
  • Weekly Stock Picks: Each week, Moby curates three high-potential stock picks, carefully analyzed to enhance your investment portfolio.
  • AI-Driven Quantitative Portfolios: Leveraging AI technology, Moby regularly updates its quantitative portfolios, aligning them with current market opportunities and trends.
  • Screeners and Charting: With Moby you can use their unique data sets to also come to your own conclusions through a handful of screeners, charts, and data.
  • Insider Trading Reports: More than just offering their own analysis, Moby peels back the layers on what politicians and hedge funds are buying so you can stay 1-step ahead of the game.

Moby Pricing

Navigating the financial world shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. That’s why Moby offers an exclusive pricing model that balances affordability with unmatched value, especially for PoF readers.

Regular Price: At $200 per year, Moby’s below-market pricing offers comprehensive market intelligence.

Special Discount for PoF Readers: Get an entire year of Moby’s insights for just $200 $150 when you sign up through Physicians on Fire.

And Moby is so confident that you’ll enjoy your experience, that they’re also offering free 30-day refunds for anyone who isn’t fully satisfied – making this investment truly risk-free.

Risk vs. Reward in Trading on Moby

Before discovering Moby, I admit I played it too safe with my investments, potentially missing out on significant returns. However, in the past three years with Moby, my portfolio has consistently outperformed the S&P 500.

This achievement feels particularly noteworthy in the current market climate, where a few large companies predominantly drive major indexes. Moby’s insights enabled me to tap into market trends that benefit smaller companies, diversifying my investment approach.

For instance, while my Snowflake investment soared by 35% this year, Moby’s guidance also led me to invest in MongoDB and Nvidia, yielding returns of over 75% on each stock!

In a time when many considered AI overhyped, Moby provided a perspective that revealed the sustainability of this trend.

What we’re getting at is that Moby’s research isn’t just looking for the most upside and disregarding all of the risks. Moby is only recommending stocks that have been fully vetted through their rigorous 20-step process.

That’s why even when their price targets aren’t hit, the downside is always very limited.

That’s what really stands out for me. While maximizing my upside is important, I also don’t want to invest/speculate in companies that could see my investment go to zero.

Daily News and Market Updates

Compared to bloated services like Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha, you’re getting 3x the stock picks for 1/3rd of the price.

Moby is a tech platform that can generate research and journalism a lot more efficiently than these old-school companies, and they pass those savings directly onto their members.

Their picks are great, their portfolios are even better, and having stuck with them for a few years I feel a lot more confident about how I invest thanks to how they strip the PR and posturing out of stock picking and investing.

My bank puts out reports that are so stuffed with jargon that they’re incomprehensible. CNBC is effectively a shill organization that will promote any company that pays them, while Moby is a solid balance putting out actionable, readable market intelligence that will help you drive stronger returns in your portfolio day in and day out.

Try Moby Here

Thesis Driven Financial Reports

If you read financial reports that come with your 401k or investment account, they’re borderline incomprehensible.

These are clearly written by excel-junkies who are so deeply embedded in the finance world that they have forgotten how to explain things to people outside their bubble.

A lot of my physician friends read Moby and like it because they take a borderline clinical approach to writing about stocks.

Moby explains why a company is in a strong position and reasons why more investors could potentially pile onto a stock.

They also explain a few symptom-like warning signs to watch out for that could push the value of an investment down. Every single stock pick feels like a case study that helps me broaden my understanding of what’s driving the market day in and day out.

One of the things that usually makes investing really hard is how sentiment shifts on a nearly week-to-week basis, and Moby helps me really understand which way the wind is blowing.

What’s Coming Next For Moby

What separates Moby from Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, and others is that they’re more than just stock picks. Moby is a platform that acts as your financial hub for all of your investing needs.

But what’s crazy is that this is just the beginning. We’ve spoken with the Moby team and they’ve told us all about the great new features they’re building. Some of those include:

  •  In-App Trading: The problem with Motley Fool and other platforms is that you need to jump from one platform to another in order to take action on their recommendations. However with Moby (coming soon) you’ll be able to not only get expert analysis, but you’ll also be able to execute those trades all in one place!
  • Linking Your Portfolio: Another issue with other platforms is that while their analysis can be great, it’s always in a vacuum. What we mean by that is those picks are never personalized based on your current holdings. However, Moby will soon be releasing the ability to link your portfolio so you can see exactly how these trades would impact your overall portfolio diversity.
  • AI + Financial Advisory: While getting top analysis is always great, sometimes you have questions and need more. Well soon, Moby will not only be releasing the ability to interact with them via AI, but they’ll also be able to give you 1:1 access to the best financial advisers in the world.

And while these features aren’t available yet, if you act today, you’ll be grandfathered into today’s pricing and get free access to all of these features that will end up costing new members a lot more money.

Final Thoughts on Moby

Try Moby Here

Moby has definitely been worth both my time and my money. There is so much noise in the financial markets that I’m so grateful every morning when my first Moby breakdown hits my phone.

I’m able to get a quick sense of what’s happening in the economy without any bias, and I’ve genuinely gotten a much better sense of where the market is headed based on their daily cadence of posts.

While no one will ever be 100% with their analysis, Moby has proven to be not only better than the rest, but they’ve also given me the ability to learn what to spot in future investment opportunities.

​​With its blend of expert analysis, and user-friendly content, Moby stands out as a vital resource for anyone looking to elevate their investment strategy, all in a realistic everyday app and website.

At the end of the day, Moby will pay for itself basically within the first few months and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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