17 thoughts on “The Sunday Best (6/18/2017)”

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  2. Happy Father’s Day, PoF! I am celebrating Father’s Day during my last, ever IR call weekend. If you are keeping score, there have been somewhere between 520 and 540 call weekends over the last 21 years!

    After an early run in the park, a check in at the hospital, and a few errands, (and hopefully no call backs), my son (18) is making dinner for all of us. Given the momentous occasion, we might even break out a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate. ? Cheers!

  3. Thanks, PoF! As always, it’s an honor to be in such distinguished company! My wife and I are enjoying a short little jaunt out of town before baby comes– hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful, restful weekend to celebrate you!

  4. Thank you for the awesome mention! Happy Father’s Day! Sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned.

    The kids are still really young so as a family we’ll probably just hang out in the neighborhood, maybe listen to some live music out in the park. I’m just extremely grateful for another year of good health and the opportunity to spend time with the family (not working).

  5. Happy Dad’s day!
    Celebrated Dad’s day last weekend…..

    On a plane on my way to San Diego for a partnering meeting. Grrrrr!!!
    Enjoy your day and family time, sounds wonderful?

  6. Happy Belated Father’s day. I didn’t spend time reading on Sunday. After church I got a nap and then we had dinner at a favorite restaurant.

    The article from Son of a Dr was eye opening and thankful the final tragedy was avoided. Interestingly, if he had died, I suspect the police would have been in a similar predicament as to why he was fired. I was a bit shocked at how the police handled it, as he was reported to be suicidal, but otoh, he didn’t pull over either.

    Ultimately, it proves once again, that one size doesn’t fit all. Some people/some brains are wired differently. Hopefully, meaningful changes can be made so others can get help before a final tragedy occurs.

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  8. Speaking of vacations/travelling, I am surprised not many people talk about Tele-Medicine.
    I have been doing Tele-Medicine for over 11 years. It allows for wonderful extended time away opportunities. A two week vacation can be easily extended to four or more, especially in summer- two weeks of no work padded with 1-2 work weeks. We are typically out 6-8 weeks in summer. You can reduce hours during these times as well -a little work here & there keeps things going.
    Of course, it works for self-employed Physicians but others can learn to negotiate as well. I have given up on every other contract except the Tele-medicine.
    BTW, these are slow vacations and not ‘roided out high spending ones.


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