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Travel Restrictions By State

travel restrictions

Summer is here, and travel is making a comeback in a big way. While most pandemic-related measures may have been lifted where you live, a number of places haven’t fully opened up. Below, you’ll find travel restrictions by state in alphabetical order.

For example, if you’re not vaccinated against COVID-19, you’ll be required to quarantine when arriving in Hawaii. The same is true of Rhode Island, and you may not be as free as you’d like in Chicago, either.

The obvious solution is to get yourself a vaccine, and readers of this blog know that I highly recommend doing so. I got mine as soon as I possibly could, and I administered hundreds and hundreds of doses myself as a volunteer.

The information you’ll find below was compiled by Monica Fish from Planner at Heart. It’s tough to plan if you don’t know all the rules! Fortunately, Monica was quite thorough.



This week marks the official start of summer, and for most people, that means it’s finally time for a vacation. A recent Harris Poll revealed that 77% of Americans plan to take a trip this summer, with half traveling for the first time since the start of the pandemic. While travel restrictions are loosening by the day, if you’re crossing state lines this summer, take a moment to review the state’s travel guidelines before finalizing your vacation plans.


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There are no statewide travel restrictions for Alabama. However, Alabama’s Department of Public Health and Alabama Tourism Department actively promote health safety reminders to locals and tourists. Review Traveler Alert and Updates for more information.




The state of Alaska has no travel restrictions.  You no longer have to show a negative test result before entering the state. However, they still recommend that tourists undergo pre-travel testing to avoid possible health risks. That means it’s time to do things without spending money, by exploring the stunning nature of Alaska.

Free testing and vaccination are available at participating airports, community testing locations, and vaccine clinics. For more information, check out alaska.gov for traveler updates.




Aside from practicing safety protocols, Arizona has no active travel restrictions or quarantine mandates for visitors coming from other US states. COVID-19 Updates for Travelers are available at visitarizona.com.




As of June 2021, there are no travel restrictions in the state of Arkansas.  Please see arkansas.com for travel advisory updates and details.




As of June 15, 2021, visitors are welcome to enjoy California, with limitations on events and activities of  5,000 people and more. Even with lifted restrictions, California is advising basic health safety protocols like wearing masks in public, getting tested prior to travel, self-quarantine if unvaccinated, and getting vaccinated. Travelers can find recommendations from the California Department of Health at covid19.ca.gov.




At the moment, there are no travel restrictions for visitors coming from other states. However, the government advises everyone, especially visitors, to practice responsible tourism at all times including.  Refer to Colorado Travel & COVID-19 for more information before visiting the state.




Connecticut lifted restrictions on March 19, 2021, but is requesting visitors to follow the health guidelines listed by CDC when traveling across the country. Check updates for Connecticut Travel Advisory before planning to visit the state.




There are no active travel restrictions implemented in Delaware for visitors arriving from other US states.  Refer to visitdelaware for travel advisory updates and more information.




Florida currently has no interstate travel restrictions. With 43% of the state vaccinated, the government continues its effort of health and safety protocols. Before traveling to Florida, officials suggest vaccinations for all eligible Americans.  For more information, see Florida Travel Updates.




Though no travel restrictions to, from, and within the state of Georgia. People are encouraged to follow health safety procedures and review health precautions before traveling. Refer to georgia.gov for traveler updates.




Interstate travel to and from Hawaii is permitted.  If you’re not vaccinated, a ten-day quarantine is still required.  Vaccinated travelers must present a negative NAAT test before entering the state. Hawaii Travel Updates provides more information for travelers interested in a Hawaii vacation.




The state of Idaho is currently in the 4th stage of its reopening plan. Meaning, most restrictions are lifted and travel to and from Idaho is permitted. Check Idaho Travel Updates for the latest information.




With the exception of the city of Chicago, Illinois does not have travel restrictions on interstate travel. Chicago requires visitors from high-risk states to present a negative test result no older than 72 hours or undergo a 10-day quarantine period. Make sure to check the Illinois Travel Order before visiting the state.




There are no travel restrictions or pre-travel testing requirements for people arriving from other US states. Stay informed and check Indiana Travel Updates.




There are no travel restrictions enforced in the state of Iowa. However, tourists will be encouraged to practice health safety at all times and sanitize properly. Traveler information and necessary guidelines can be found on traveliowa.com.




Interstate visitors coming to Kansas still face travel restrictions.  People who have recently been on a cruise, attended a mass gathering, or have been in close contact with a person infected by Covid-19 are required to quarantine. Essential guidelines and the latest info are available on Kansas Travel Updates.




A 10 to 14-day quarantine is recommended for all travelers entering the state of Kentucky. In addition, unvaccinated people are discouraged from traveling. Check Kentucky Covid-19 Information And Travel Updates before making any plans to visit the state.




Louisiana welcomes visitors from other states with no restrictions. Transportation and non-essential establishments are now operating.  Stay informed with Covid-19 resources posted on the Louisiana Travel Association.




Most visitors coming from other US states are exempt from quarantine except noted by Maine CDC. Travelers coming from US regions with high infection cases will be subject to pre-travel testing and quarantine. Check Maine Travel Updates and Information before planning a visit.




There are no imposed travel restrictions within Maryland, but the government advises people to avoid or limit out-of-state travel. Be well informed and check Maryland Travel Updates.




Massachusetts is advising visitors to undergo a 10-day quarantine and to present a negative PRC test. Visitors coming from Hawaii, Missouri, Oregon, Washington State, and Puerto Rico or those fully vaccinated are exempt. Check Massachusetts Travel Updates and Information before visiting the state.




There are no enforced travel restrictions to, from, and within the state. Basic health safety practices apply to residents and visitors. Helpful resources are available on michigan.gov.




As of June 20, 2021, there are no travel restrictions in the state of Minnesota. Check Minnesota Travel Update and Information before visiting the state and follow CDC’s recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.




There are no statewide travel restrictions in Mississippi. However, the state recommends masks while in enclosed public spaces and thorough disinfecting measures. Be sure to check Mississippi Travel Alerts and stay informed.




The state has no travel restrictions. Travelers can visit the state with no testing or quarantine requirements. Keep informed on health and safety measures on  Missouri Travel Updates.




The state of Montana enforces no travel restrictions. The imposed quarantine on people arriving from other US states ended on June 1, 2021. Be sure to stay informed with Montana Travel Updates.




The state has not issued official travel restrictions for U.S. residents but advises a 14-day self-imposed quarantine if you’re visiting or returning from regions of the U.S. with widespread COVID-19 transmission. Important posts and related information can be found at visitnebraska.com.




There are no statewide travel restrictions, required testing, or quarantine periods in Nevada. However, travelers should follow CDC guidelines and other safety measures posted on Nevada Travel Updates and Information.


New Hampshire


There are no travel restrictions within New Hampshire. People who have recently traveled abroad (except for Canada) will require testing and to quarantine for at least seven days.  Stay informed by checking New Hampshire Travel Updates and Health Safety Guidance before planning a trip.


New Jersey


New Jersey ended their travel restrictions on May 1, 2021. However, residents traveling outside the state should check their destination location for Covid-19 travel recommendations. More resources can be found on New Jersey Travel Information.


New Mexico


New Mexico has no imposed travel restrictions at this time. Out-of-state arrivals are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days and take a Covid-19 test. If you are planning to visit New Mexico, make sure to check New Mexico Travel Information and Covid-19 Restrictions and stay updated while on the road.


New York


There are no travel restrictions enforced in New York. There are active health and safety measures on public transportation, in establishments, health facilities, and educational institutions. Basic protocols like wearing face coverings, social distancing, and hand sanitizing are in place. Check New York Travel Advisory for important updates and resources.


North Carolina


The state of North Carolina has no travel restrictions. However, basic health safety protocols such as wearing face masks and social distancing near schools and child care facilities, in specific public health settings, and on public transportation are required. Fully vaccinated individuals are exempt from these protocols. Covid-19 Travel Resources outline what you need to know when visiting North Carolina.


North Dakota


North Dakota lifted their travel restrictions on May 8, 2020. Self-quarantine and negative PRC test results only apply to visitors arriving from outside the country. For more details, check out North Dakota Travel Information.




The state of Ohio advises travelers coming from high-risk US states to self-quarantine for 14 days. Bookmark Ohio Travel Advisory to stay informed while planning your visit to Ohio.




There have been no travel restrictions issued in Oklahoma aside from the voluntary 14-day quarantine.  The state promotes following CDC recommendations for both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated individuals. Essential resources for travelers can be found on Oklahoma Travel Information.




Though there are no travel restrictions issued in Oregon, all arrivals are encouraged to self-quarantine for 14 days. In addition, visitors are encouraged to observe health safety protocols and avoid unnecessary travel. Stay informed by reviewing their Covid-19: Resources and Updates.




Pennsylvania lifted travel restrictions on March 1, 2021.  Residents and visitors should practice health and safety measures and stay informed on the Pennsylvania Travel Information website.


Rhode Island


Rhode Island is currently enforcing travel restrictions. Unvaccinated visitors from high-risk states must present a negative PRC test result or quarantine for 10-days. For added precaution and awareness, review the Guidance For Travelers.


South Carolina


South Carolina lifted travel restrictions on May 1, 2020. The South Carolina Department of Health encourages people to follow The CDC’s health safety guidelines. Further details are available on South Carolina Travel Information.


South Dakota


There are no travel restrictions issued in South Dakota. Visitors should be mindful while exploring areas near tribal lands as their health and safety checkpoints may be active.  For more, check out South Dakota Travel Information.




Tennessee has not issued statewide travel restrictions. Individual counties may apply restrictions as needed. Travelers are advised to stay updated on CDC’s guidelines and always practice health safety protocols. More information is available on Covid-19 Updates and Resources.




Texas ended their travel restrictions on May 21, 2020. People are encouraged to research the risk level of their destination before finalizing travel plans.  Check Texas Travel Alert for everything you need to know before visiting Texas.




Utah has no statewide travel restrictions. Pre-travel testing is not required, and a 10- day quarantine is needed only for those with COVID-19.  Utah Travel Information and guidelines for responsible travel are available to the public.




There are no travel restrictions currently enforced in the state of Vermont.  While most residents have received their first dose of the vaccine, personal health safety measures should be continued. Interstate visitors can refer to Vermont Travel Guidance for ways to have a safe and fun vacation.




The state of Virginia has no active travel restrictions for U.S. Residents. However, specific health and safety protocols still apply. Review Virginia Travel Information for more details and related resources.


Washington State


There are no implemented travel restrictions within the state, but travelers entering Washington are encouraged to self-quarantine for 14 days. Check Washington (State) Travel Updates and keep yourself informed.


Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. requires unvaccinated travelers to take a Covid-19 test within three days upon their arrival and another test within 3 to 5 days if planning to stay longer than three days. Residents of Virginia and Maryland are exempt from these testing requirements. More information available on Washington DC Health Guidance.


West Virginia


There are no travel restrictions issued in West Virginia. Visitors should be mindful of health safety regulations like wearing a face mask indoors unless fully vaccinated. Stay informed on West Virginia Travel Updates while exploring the state.




Wisconsin does not have travel restrictions but strongly recommends vaccinations before touring or visiting the state.  Refer to Wisconsin Travel Information before planning a trip to Wisconsin.




Currently, there are no travel restrictions for out-of-state visitors. However, travelers are encouraged to seek information before exploring, follow health safety protocols, and be mindful of health safety regulations that could be present in some regions of Wyoming. Refer to Wyoming Information and Guidance for more information.



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