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As we get closer to our retirement years one of the most impactful decisions we ll need to make is

Being labeled as a HENRY isn 8217 t exactly a badge of honor unless your hobbies include flying around in

Most of us have had a solar panel sales rep knocking on our door to pitch the benefits huge savings

When estate planning we often think about our spouse or children but what about our furry family members Here s

This divorce checklist aims to help you navigate the legal financial and personal aspects of the separation so you can

For many people the subject of money carries a certain stigma in social settings especially when discussing income retirement savings

In 2014 my wife retired from her high stress pathology practice at age 48 She walked away for a specific

May the Fourth be with you 8211 Physician On Fire A long time ago in a galaxy far far

As the world becomes more connected and technology continues to advance the healthcare industry is evolving to meet the needs

The Federal Trade Commission 8217 s FTC recent decision on noncompete clauses could be the golden parachute you 8217 ve

What is a doctor s office worth if you plan to sell and retire Recently my father has been considering

Forget the Lambos and designer clothes Dr Jeff Anzalone the Debt Free Doctor exposes what millionaires really refuse to spend

Think you know everything about retirement accounts TheMadFientist reveals why the ultimate retirement account isn 8217 t one you 8217

As you re getting closer to approaching your retirement the last five years before you retire take on incredible importance

Whether you love or hate him 8211 it s hard to argue against Elon Musk s criticism of the controversial

In a refreshingly candid reflection the Prudent Plastic Surgeon discusses his financial journey highlighting both the missteps and the incremental

Previously we ve talked about passive income ideas to boost your earnings In terms of growing your income dividend stocks

Retirement especially when approached from a life transition standpoint has long been a challenging subject But the financial reality today

Recently a doctor finishing training asked me how to start their investing path for Financial Independence FI even if they

Today s post comes to you from a guest anonymous writer who wrote about negotiating employment as the leader of

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