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If you’re looking for a low-cost way to invest in the broad stock market, you’ve probably come across Vanguard mutual

When it comes to retirement planning (especially early retirement planning), it’s tempting to focus on retirement accounts. But it’s equally

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day on July 11 and 12!  This year’s Amazon Prime Day is right around the

While retirement is something most people look forward to, the transition between working and adult and retiree can be difficult

The path to becoming a physician is filled with years of rigorous study, tireless dedication, and unfortunately for many, a

As busy parents and grandparents with all that has been happening around us during the pandemic, it is easy to

In my investing career, I have made many real estate investments of varying sizes, types, and with a wide range

Answer simple questions online, get paid in cash or, if you prefer, in gift cards. I know many physicians who

When you’ve got the goal of early financial independence (FI), your finances dictate a different approach to life insurance than

The Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa cards are two of the most popular rewards credit cards available,

In 2019, I made my first farmland investment via AcreTrader, an agricultural investing platform, and I’ve now had several years

I’m excited to share a tax planning tool  that I’m thrilled to have discovered a year ago. I’m not one

Before I was the doctor of credit card rewards, I used one Chase credit card for pretty much everything. With

How much money does a doctor need to retire and enjoy a typical “doctor retirement”? Short answer: It depends. Better

I knew that borrowers with federal student loans were benefitting from temporary interest-free loans during the pandemic, but I was

Recently, a reader reached out to share how his taxes were affected by his various passive income streams. It turns

I’m certainly a fan of earning travel rewards, but it’s tough to beat plain hard cash back, especially in a

New visitors to Physician on FIRE may be excited at the prospects of financial independence and the possibility of a

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