Real Estate

There is no better time than the present to develop a couple of additional income streams to help you on

In my investing career, I have made many real estate investments of varying sizes, types, and with a wide range

When you donate appreciated assets like stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, you’re giving in a highly tax-efficient way, which is

Real estate can be a great alternative asset class for investors of all stripes — accumulators, early retirees, regular retirees,

Apart from the passive income that real estate investments can throw off, there are other benefits that can accrue to

After two years of rapidly rising housing costs, we’re now seeing signs of a housing market downturn in residential real

If you’re thinking of investing in a real estate syndication, you’re probably looking to evaluate the type of return you’ll

When you step into your favorite coffee shop and plop down $3 to $5 or more to get your daily

There’s more to real estate than just location, location, location. (Those three things are very important as well!) Stocks, equities,

The best teacher is experience. The best plans never survive contact with the enemy, or so the old saying goes.

It has been said often around here that real estate can be an excellent way to diversify investments, create additional

Many wealthy people have at least some assets allocated to real estate. Whether through single-family homes, multi-door units, or syndications,

There can be any number of parties to a deal – from simple transactions with a buyer and a seller,

RealtyMogul, a real estate investment platform for both accredited and non-accredited investors, has been around for the better part of

Most people who express an interest in passive real estate are interested in both the risk-adjusted returns that real estate

Like an old college roommate, inflation showed up uninvited to the party, got a little out of control, and stayed

How does your financial picture differ when you discover the concept of financial independence in your late 40s? That’s the

Whenever I travel, which is quite often, I love to look at the flyers decorating the windows of the real

I’m familiar with many “rules” when it comes to investing, which are better described as rough guidelines. Then again, they

What steps have you taken to create passive income for yourself? Dr. Peter Kim has taken many steps, and he

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