A stroke neurologist by training and landscape photographer by passion, Nirav H. Shah has achieved significant breakthroughs in improving patient

The moment you are born, as opposed to the moment you enter this world, may be different. I was born

Are you a high-income earner seeking a path toward early retirement without sacrificing your current standard of living? The traditional

Much press is given to 401(k)s, but other options exist for employer-sponsored defined contribution plans. A 401(a) goal is similar

The landscape of early retirement, once perceived as a distant dream for many, is shifting, and physicians are no exception.

Retirement is a phase we all ponder, often with a mix of excitement, uncertainty, and trepidation. What if, while we

Have you ever wondered about the potential impact of saving just a little bit more? Picture this: you’re a decade

When my friends Jonathan and Brad came up for the idea for a “FIRE” podcast, they went with the name Choose

Have you ever felt torn between saving diligently for early retirement and indulging in the pleasures that life offers in

As a self-employed physician or owner of a medical practice with a handful of staff members, you may be exploring

When planning retirement, people often hesitate to include Social Security benefits as part of their plan. However, as a potentially

Five years ago, I didn’t know what FIRE was. I mean, I knew what fire was — something to gather

Many of us spend our days working hard, dreaming that one day we can retire; only a few of us

As you plan for retirement, it’s important to look at Social Security benefits from a new perspective. Rather than simply

Only 39% of adults saving for retirement started in their 20s. Everyone else is starting to save much later in

We’re delighted to welcome back a guest author who, less than two years ago, was an Emergency Medicine attending wrestling

Whether you are on the way to FIRE, you’ve already arrived at the destination, or you’re trying to explain what

Accumulating is simple. It might not be easy, and requires some sacrifice along the way, but it isn’t complex. Pile

There is a lot of retirement advice out there. Some of it is even good. But for average folks, what

Planning for retirement spending is more complex than figuring how much you want to (or are able to) spend each

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