So you’re just beginning your career as a physician or medical professional. Yes, you, the one wearing that smile from

It has been six years since our poster today retired from his medical career. What has he learned? Does he

For every rule, there is an exception. And some rules are meant to be broken. Sometimes having good rules of

Some of us are naturally drawn to optimizing things. Can your retirement date be one of those things? There are

Retirement doesn’t have to be a cliff. You know, the edge of something, where you jump off and never climb

Today’s interviewee is a young 45, has a single fund in his portfolio, and has an extremely low withdrawal rate

Life’s been a real mixture of things for today’s poster. He reached financial independence and retired four years ago, and

Our couple today is made up of a retired cardiologist alongside his retired office billing manager, retiring to sunny Florida

Getting older comes with a lot of disadvantages – joint pain, stiffness, a cranky attitude among others – but it

There’s retiring, and then there’s retiring. It’s a simple (if not easy) enough matter to quit your job and live

You want to become financially independent. Who wouldn’t? Financial independence (FI) is a life status everyone should strive to achieve,

Retiring early and becoming financially independent is a good goal. But most goals aren’t achieved unless you map out a

Given the name of this site, Physician on FIRE, you might well come away with the impression that I am

Today’s FIRE Starter interviewee is a fellow physician financial blogger with a family of four–and sometimes another–early in their career.

Is early retirement as great five years in as it is the first year? That first few months of FIRE

He advanced in an engineering career while she put in more than four decades at the local candy store while

When you’ve got the goal of early financial independence (FI), your finances dictate a different approach to life insurance than

This physician, with four children including two with special needs, retired earlier this year but takes on temporary assignments. With

Our interviewee today regularly saves mid-five figures every single month into taxable and wants an airplane. Along the way to

Many newly-wedded couples go out on a honeymoon. It’s a special vacation, usually after the wedding, that features romance, connection,

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