Is early retirement as great five years in as it is the first year? That first few months of FIRE

He advanced in an engineering career while she put in more than four decades at the local candy store while

When you’ve got the goal of early financial independence (FI), your finances dictate a different approach to life insurance than

This physician, with four children including two with special needs, retired earlier this year but takes on temporary assignments. With

Our interviewee today regularly saves mid-five figures every single month into taxable and wants an airplane. Along the way to

Many newly-wedded couples go out on a honeymoon. It’s a special vacation, usually after the wedding, that features romance, connection,

This Northeastern surgical subspecialist has cracked the eight-figure mark in net worth, with the majority of it in index funds.

We’re excited to present another FIRE Crossroads interview today. In it we find a married couple pulling down about $40,000

When you first start working, you probably hear a lot about 401ks and IRAs. But as the saying goes —

With two demanding careers and three kids at home, life looked a lot different for this couple just a few

None of us know the future. We have models and predictions, and we can read the news and sometimes detect

The U.S. Dollar is the strongest it’s been in 20 years. A strong dollar can produce winners and losers, both

The one thing that all of us have the same amount of every day is time. No rich person has

“Your cash is melting like ice in the sun.” Or so say some financial advisors when referring to the current

Whether retirement is in your distant future or is knocking on the door, just around the corner, it’s useful to

Have you seen the Nationwide commercials in the “life comes at you fast” theme? It is true – life will

Contentment is important. Learning to be satisfied with what you have, to not feel impugned by sacrifice, is a crucial

One of the ironies of being a doctor is that too often caring for others takes away from the time

We’ve said many times on this site that early retirement is what you make of it. But it’s always good

I started writing this rebuttal in defense of FIRE as an introduction to a related topic, but as the words

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