Fire Your Financial Advisor!

Fire Your Financial Advisor

A Step by Step Process to Creating and Implementing Your Own Financial Plan

  So what’s this course all about? Dr. Jim Dahle designed this course to take you from a personal finance novice to a well-oiled, money-savvy machine. It’s an audio-visual series of lessons upon lessons to help you not only with investing, but with your entire financial picture, helping you more easily achieve an educated money-life balance. The course consists of 12 detailed modules, each with around a dozen short videos that range from under two minutes to over fifteen minutes. Altogether, there’s over 7 hours of video (or closer to 5 hours is you watch at 1.5 speed as the course host Teachable allows you to do). In addition to the video, there is a pre-test and a number of short quizzes sprinkled throughout the course. For those who have never taken an online course via Teachable or a similar service, it’s going to look like this:   Fire Your Financial Advisor   When Big Brother, er… I mean… when Dr. Dahle is talking, it looks more like this (see below). I’m trying to place that look, but it reminds me a bit of Blue Steel. I’ve been advised not to watch the course on a 75″ 4K Ultra High Def screen. I suppose that depends on your opinion of talking heads. Either way, you’ll hear the good doctor’s voice throughout the course whether you’re watching a slideshow or his larger-than-life noggin, with the exception of the times you’re answering quiz questions or working on your written financial plan.  
Fire Your Financial Advisor Course
that look. is it blue steel? or could it be… magnum?!?

Who Should Consider Purchasing Fire Your Financial Advisor?

  If you don’t have time to sort through dozens of blog posts, books, podcasts, and the like, and want a comprehensive financial plan, this course helps you get the job done in one concise package. Of course, you could hire someone to do this for you, but trust me, you’ll be much more empowered if you can do most of this yourself (and if you mastered the Krebs cycle, you can do most of this yourself). You’ll also save millions of dollars in fees over the course of a lifetime when compared to paying a percentage of assets to have your money managed for you. If you make a good living, are concerned you’re not making the best choices with your money, and want to do better, this course is for you. According to Dr. Dahle, by the time you’re finished with the course and the action items that result, you should be able to say that:
  • You have all the insurance you need at the best possible price and none of the insurance you don’t need
  • You are managing your student loans the right way, maximizing the benefits of government programs, minimizing interest paid, and getting out of debt as soon as possible
  • You are either capable of managing your investments yourself, or you are paying a competent advisor a fair price to do it for you
  • You are saving enough money to reach your goals and can spend the rest on whatever you like without feeling guilty
  • You aren’t paying any more taxes than you need to
  • Your children and your assets will be taken care of if something should happen to you
  • Your assets are protected from lawsuits as much as possible with a simple, straightforward, and inexpensive plan
  • You have a written plan to follow that will guarantee your financial success
  I had a young couple take the course, answer questions before and after, and share their written financial plan. See their results and take on the course here.    

Who Should Not Consider This Course

  If you are a seasoned do-it-yourself investor with a written financial plan, you might not find great value here. I would put myself in this category, although to be honest, I’ve completed a substantial portion of the course, and I’ve been picking up a few gems here and there. I learned more about student loan repayment plans in 45 minutes than I have after reading dozens of blog posts on the topic. Asset protection has never been a strong suit of mine, either, and I’m looking forward to that module. Additionally, those who cannot afford to shell out $499 should not buy the course. I contend that you’ll come out many thousands of dollars ahead eventually if you take the course and pay attention, but if you’re a student with maxed out loans choosing between this course and paying rent, please keep a roof over your head.  

What’s My Motivation?

  For the sake of being fully transparent, this site will receive a commission for any course purchased via clicking on a link here (such as this one). I donate a portion of my profits to charity, so you get a little bonus karma when ordering via this site. Also, I am in business with the course creator, and I fully support his mission to help those who wear the white coat get a “fair shake,” which is exactly what this course is designed to do. If you’re not ready to spend hundreds of dollars, you may want to start with his book, pictured just above.  
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To see what other physicians have accomplished after taking the course, see the actual financial plans created by two Physician on FIRE readers:
  Cheers! -PoF

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