The Sunday Best (12/3/2017)

The Sunday Best
The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated for your reading pleasure.

Expect most of the writing to be from recent weeks and consistent with the themes presented on this website: investing & taxes, financial independence, early retirement, and physician issues.


Presenting, this week’s Sunday Best:


Are you tired of hearing my voice yet? I am. From now on, I’m hiring JL Collins to re-record my podcast interviews with his deep, comforting voice (see giveaway below). Until that happens, you’re stuck with me and Ryan Inman on the Financial Residency Podcast as we discuss How Doctors Can Reach Financial Independence in Their 40s.


Mr. Tako didn’t wait until he was in his forties to FIRE. I used to imagine having $10 Million some day, but what would we do differently that we’re not able to do now? That’s The $10 Million Question.


Are you an Accredited Investor? I am. So is Passive Income MD and certainly anyone with $10 Million is. There’s actually a good chance you’ve got the qualifications to join us in The Not-So-Secret Society of Accredited Investors.


An Accredited Investor can afford to take risks. Does it make sense to eschew diversification and shoot for the moon? Michael Kitces of Nerd’s Eye View discusses The Wealth-Limiting Risks Of Diversifying Too Soon – Redwoods, Bushes, and Pear Trees.


Of course, you don’t necessarily need to be wealthy to live a happy life. The Corporate Monkey CPA has some insights after using Geographic Arbitrage to his family’s advantage. What It’s Like Living on $10,000 per Year.


Not everyone is keen on living so lean. The beauty of early retirement is the ability to choose your own path. Our Next Life is still forging theirs. What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? That’s What Financial Independence Is All About.


You don’t need to be financially independent to live an adventurous life. Chris & Jaime of Keep Thrifty share the story of their sabbatical with Jillian of Montana Money Adventures. Mini-Retirement Mastered: Chris and Jaime.


A sabbatical can be one cure for burnout. Vagabond MD had a nasty run-in with burnout. He shares his story and how he coped with The Happy Philosopher in Adventures in Burnout: One Physician’s Story.


Crispy Doc has joined the ranks of the partially employed (another potential burnout cure). In My Adventures Through the Looking Glass, he recounts what life has been like since reducing his clinical workload.


Dr. Cory S. Fawcett of Prescription for Financial Success has joined the ranks of the unemployed. Or at least the self-employed. The general surgeon retired at 54 and recently hit the road traveling Route 66. He shares expense reports and more in Living the FIRE Life in My RV.


You’re still not using Personal Capital? Track all your accounts in one place like I do.


Who Wants an Awesome and Free Audiobook?


You do! That’s who.

My friend Jim Collins of would like you (yes, you) to win a copy of his audiobook entitled The Simple Path to Wealth. You may be familiar with his blog and the famous Stock Series. If not, get familiar; it’s a great read.

In addition to authoring a widely read blog for the past six years or so, he has also penned a best-selling book with a foreword by some guy named Mr. Money Mustache.

That book is now available in audio format, read by none other than the baritone himself. If Jim was looking for an encore career, he could have one doing voice-overs, radio spots, or simply reading audio books. But I have a hunch this will be the first and last, so I suggest you get in line for a download.


How does one win a copy of The Simple Path to Wealth?


I’ll be giving a copy away later this week to any new or existing e-mail subscriber who leaves a comment indicating their interest in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: If you’re already a subscriber, great! If not, subscribe right here and now to be eligible.

Step 2: Leave a comment on this post that indicates you have some interest in winning the audiobook. Be creative as possible. It won’t help you win — I’ll be using Google’s random number generator — but you might put a smile on my face. And that’s worth something. A few examples to get the creative juices flowing:


“I’d rather win Mr. Collins’ audiobook than find a Bitcoin on the sidewalk.”


“The only thing better than a Vikings Super Bowl victory would be a victory in the audiobook giveaway.”


“I’d love to put The Simple Path to Wealth on my playlist between the Best of Nickelback and my collection of Creed B sides.”


“I got a new subwoofer and that man’s voice would really put this bad boy to the test.”


or finally,


“Bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin audiobook bitcoin.”


Think you can do better? I think so, too. Hit me with your best shot. Fire away!


Have a joyful week!

-Physician on FIRE


  • Linda

    Index funds for the win!

  • hatton1

    Alabama lost! Auburn Lost! The world as I know it has Lost! Please right the ship and me Win again!

  • VagabondMD

    Gracias por el reconocimiento.

    The no longer burnt out me is sitting and enjoying una cerveza in Seville and wish you were here!


  • $100 bonus on your first RealtyShares investment with Code: Partner100

  • Dr. P

    While the Badgers aren’t going to the playoffs and the Packers are a sad sight without Rodgers, a free copy of The Simple Path to Wealth would brighten the day of your friendly neighbor to the southeast! And if you don’t pick me, a curse be upon your Vikings (although I’m confident they can screw things up by themselves!)

  • Zac

    I’m an Accredited Desirer of The Simple Path to Wealth!

  • Jon

    When Morgan Freeman listens to audiobooks, he prefers to listen to the soothing voice of JL Collins.

    If/when the Vikings make the Super Bowl…at home no less…POF will throw caution to the wind and pay top dollar to attend. He may even retire while being carried out of the stadium on the shoulders of his two strapping sons.

  • Chris

    I would like to be included in the audiobook giveaway. I gave up on the Vikes long ago, they hurt me in 1998 and again when Farve through the interception to lose that playoff game, on my honeymoon of all days. They will continue to let you down!

  • WLL

    Life couldn’t be better listening to Jim Collins in the day and Joshua Sheats in the evening

    You betcha I’d love to win that simple path to wealth 😊

  • Great list as always!

    I read Mr. Tako’s $10M post too and wonder when I’ll be able to decide what to do with my own 10M hehe. It’s great to see you appear more on podcasts. You sound so composed and cool!

  • I already have Mr. Collins fine book so you can leave me out of the running. Thank you for featuring VagabondMD’s great guest post though, much appreciated 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind shout out, PoF. The new minimalism is less work!

  • Casey Craig

    I’m a long-time lurker here, but I’ve been stalking Mr. Collins even longer… His dulcet tones can put the most colicky baby to sleep. Simple Path audiobook FTW!

  • Index funds all the way, thanks for the shares

  • Susanne

    The only thing better than the Clemson Tigers winning another football championship this year would be winning this audiobook…actually I can put that out on the web. I would rather a Tigers W!

  • Wow, thanks for featuring my post PoF! Really, thank you!

    Great Sunday best as always!

  • Scondido

    I’d give a Bitcoin for the audiobook. All of my favorite football teams have lost, so listening to the audiobook would drown my sorrows.

  • I’m interested in the audio book. Just not terribly creative. 😉

  • Neuro-doc

    Please put my name into the virtual hat to win the audiobook. I have been a longtime lurker enjoying your blog without subscribing, but now that the is a prize to be won, sign me up!

  • Marcus Hunt

    I expect to win the audio book. Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?

  • Rob

    I have no bitcoin to give, but I will be a monkey’s uncle if I win!

  • Bunnyfreak

    Love the stock series so would love to have audio book. My budgie loves to tweet to podcasts I listen too. I bet he would love this one, after all his name is Alex P Keet.

  • Great list PoF. Micheal Kitces is smart and his posts are great. I like the botanical analogy but I don’t think I quite understand his recommendations, although I know a great deal now about the evolutionary errors of the Bartlett pear. Is he saying to invest in single stocks when young or your own business, I dunno?

  • I can’t wait to hear how JL Collins has updated his audio book to tell young people to invest 100% in bitcoin and then diversity at retirement with 50% bitcoin and 50% ethereum! Based on historic returns, I think that portfolio has 100% chance of success.

  • Chau

    Winning one for the friend

  • Gasem

    I’m lost and need to find “the simple path to wealth”

  • Jacq

    My dad & step mom are considering a financial book for my brother & I recommend the Simple Path to Wealth. Winning the audio book would just be perfect. 🙂

  • Ummm….bitcoin….well not really. Give it to some other reader…I will happily spend the cash for it….

    Great round up as always. How do you find time to read sooooo much….and soooo much new stuff…Oh yeah, you work part time.

    Looking forward to route 66 in my own RV at 54…59…or maybe 47. Who knows these days.

  • Xrayvsn

    I would like to win the audiobook b/c I was lucky enough to win a book from WCI and all I need now is to win something from you and passive income MD to say I won from the entire WCI network.

  • Glenn

    Please include in the “The Simple Path to Wealth” drawing.
    I’m working on the sequel… “The Wealth Path to Simplicity” 🙂

  • fmrwelfarekid

    “So What Cha Sayin’ ” JL Collins, I’m “Strictly Business”. I need your audiobook so I can remain “Paid in Full”!

  • Jen

    I have a long drive ahead of me for Xmas. A simple path to wealth will help the time pass by

  • SG

    The Georgia Bulldogs are following The Simple Path to Winning a Championship!!!! Run the ball, play great defense and special teams. Its great to be a Georgia Bulldog, and it would be great to listen to JL Collins audio book.

  • Markus

    The only thing better than winning the audiobook is to see the Fresno State Bulldogs have a 10 win season after only one win last year. Now if I could have my portfolio do a 10X. 😀

  • Thank you for all the great responses! The contest is now closed… stay tuned for an announcement next week in The Sunday Best.

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