The Sunday Best (5/22/2016)


The Sunday Best is a collection of a handful of posts I share with you each week. With so many informative and inspirational writers out there, I have no trouble coming up with 5 worthwhile reads each week.


Most posts will be from recent weeks, written by physicians, and related to personal finance, but expect to find a post or two that are lacking some or all of these elements.


Presenting, in no particular order, this week’s Sunday Best:

Our friend Jim Dahle, MD, the whitecoatinvestor is a budding real estate mogul. Who knew? Read all about it in Our Real Estate Empire.


Reaffirming that investment fees will cost you millions, Meb Faber @ Meb Faber Research asks Which Institution Has the Best Asset Allocation Model? Do you think it’s the allocation that matters?


In an oldie but goodie, Bo Liu, MD @ FutureProofMD lists 5 Bad Money Habits of White Coat Professionals, hitting the high points that represent the most visible portion of the bad-money-habit iceberg.


You down with MOC? Yeah… no, not me. Find out What Happens When You Stop Doing MOC @ Rebel.MD.


Do you spend like other Americans? No idea? Find out How Americans Spend Their Money: 75 Years of the Consumer Expenditure Survey, a detailed look at our collective budgets over the years from J.D. Roth @ MoneyBoss.



Have a great week!

-Physician on FIRE

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