The Sunday Best (6/19/2016)

Sunday Best

The Sunday Best is a collection of a handful of posts I share with you each week. With so many informative and inspirational writers out there, I have no trouble coming up with 5 worthwhile reads each week.


Most posts will be from recent weeks, written by physicians, and related to personal finance, but expect to find a post or two that are lacking some or all of these elements.


Presenting, in no particular order, this week’s Sunday Best:


Sharing my interest in FI, philanthropy, and apparently alcoholic beverages, Matt @ Distilled Dollar shares a part of his journey as he envisions Transitioning From Employee to Investor to Philanthropist. Cheers!


Some dude who calls himself PoF shared some knowledge and personal info in a fun Q & A with Mr. 1500Days. Check out the inaccurately titled 10 Questions with Physician on FIRE, in which I overachieve by answering 11 questions.


In an oldie but goodie, [email protected] MadFIentist discusses the Safe Withdrawal Rate for Early Retirees. Check it out and feel free to add your own perspective to the 131 comments.


Last year I bartered a sofa for a $500 gift certificate as I described in a recent Bad $10,000 Investment post. What I didn’t realize is that I’m constantly bartering. And so are you, says Dr. Mo @ UrgentCareCareer in the aptly titled You are Constantly Bartering.


The AMA takes a stance I can applaud, as detailed by Meg Edison, MD @ Rebel.MD in her piece, New AMA Policy Opposes MOC Exams, calling for an immediate end to the burdensome Maintenance of Certification Exams. Where was the AMA 18 months ago when I needlessly took mine?



Have a great week!

-Physician on FIRE

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you liked the article.

    Brandon’s article on Safe withdrawal rates is defiantly a classic.

    Congrats on being features on Mr 1500’s site! That was a hilarious and insightful set of answers.

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