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The Sunday Best (7/16/2017)

Sunday Best Dino

The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated for your reading pleasure.

Expect most of the writing to be from recent weeks and consistent with the themes presented on this website: investing & taxes, financial independence, early retirement, and physician issues.


Presenting, this week’s Sunday Best:


Q & A posts are some of my favorites to write. Our anesthesiologist friend Tom @ High Income Parents launched a new series, featuring me as the first guest. Learn a little more about me in the HIP Exam with Physician on FIRE.


While the term “side hustle” sounds a tad sketchy, I suppose that’s what this website woud be considered for me. Another anesthesiologist you know as Passive Income MD has compiled a comprehensive list of ways physicians can generate side income. The List of Physician Side Hustles.


Steve @ Think Save Retire gained his freedom half a year ago. How’s life? Answers After Six Months of Early Retirement.


Financial Independence can afford you an early retirement, but Joe @ Retireby40 adds some important perspective. Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Journey to Financial Independence.


The Corporate Monkey CPA thinks you’re living in oblivion. Amidst a gap year with his family, he has learned lessons while living in Bolivia. Think You’re Frugal? You’re Not.


Has this crazy Canuck lost his marbles? From Our Financial Path: BMW is Your Secret to Early Retirement.


From a new physician blogger on the scene, a radiation oncologist @ A Good Life MD says Money Doesn’t Buy You Happiness, But Money Might Make You Think You Are Happy.


The Crispy Doc (an EM physician and not a burn surgeon as I had assumed) got a little grief from a friend when he shared his desire to impart FI knowledge on his children. Read why in Financial Independence for Kids: A Shallow Pursuit?


The White Coat Investor announced the highly anticipated Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference, taking place March 1st to 3rd, 2018 in Park City, Utah. Care to join me?


A few weeks ago, I shared our retirement drawdown strategy. Fritz @ Retirement Manifesto followed suit and encouraged others to do the same, resulting in a series of posts that describe how a range of bloggers plan to access their money post-job.

I've got my 2 acres of non-leveraged, crop-producing, cashflowing farmland via AcreTrader. Get yours.

The “WCI Conference”


I know the good Dr. Dahle has been working hard to put this thing together, and I look forward to sharing my story with a great number of you in person!

The lineup is impressive, and I’m excited to a part of it. Presenters include:

The schedule is intentionally recreation-friendly, with lectures scheduled from 7 am to 10 am, a five-hour skiing / snowboarding / sightseeing break, with additional talks from 3 pm to 7 pm.

The conference kicks off with a Thursday evening reception, followed by two days of what I expect will be excellent talks. I was given the closing time slot, or as I like to think of it, the headlining spot. 😉 Happy hour to follow — I just might need it!

More than half of the available spots have already been taken, so if you are interested, there’s no time like the present to commit. You can register at this link to get the “early bird” price of $650 for 12 hours of talks and 8 CME credits.

Oh, Canada


If I’m slow to respond to comments and e-mails today, it’s because we’re camping in Canada this weekend. Our 700 square foot cabin was feeling overly spacious, so we’re going to squeeze our family of four into a ~150 square foot tent.

Cheers to campfires, fireflies, late nights, somebody snoring, early mornings and so much more.



Have a great week!

-Physician on FIRE


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22 thoughts on “The Sunday Best (7/16/2017)”

  1. Subscribe to get more great content like this, an awesome spreadsheet, and more!
  2. Have a great time in Canada! I love camping in Canada, hope you roasted a lot of marshmallows and had maple syrup on your bacon for breakfast! 🙂

    • We did. Saw the world’s largest rubber duck, which was quite large! Also had a couple nice campfires and did a terrible job avoiding mosquitos, which were more like small hummingbirds. They grow ’em large up there!


  3. Thanks for the mention!

    You’re right, the word “hustle” used to carry a “sketchy” connotation. Nowadays, thanks to entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk & Pat Flynn, it’s more thought of as “maximizing your energy towards something you’re passionate about.” It’s essentially working your butt off to make good things happen. That’s how I take it anyways…

    So, yes it does apply to this blog. You obviously work hard to make this site what it is, and so many people benefit as a result!

    The conference sounds awesome, I’ll be there!

    • Excellent. Every day, I’m hustlin’. See you at FinCon in October and WCI-fest in March.


  4. Thanks again for being the first guest on the HIP Exam. I hope it’s the first of many. Great lineup as usual.
    That drawdown list compilation is one of the best set of articles I’ve ever read on personal finance blogs.

    Tom @ HIP

    • I look forward to reading more of them. The interviews are some of my favorite posts to read and write.


  5. Trying my best to make the WCI conference, I would love to hear your talk. The whole newborn thing is really cramping my style though.

    Great list of drawdown strategies, these keep me confident the DIY investors of the world like me can make it happen. I find the drawdown to seem tougher than the accumulation technically speaking. Were still in accumulation, but there are more variables in drawdown.

    Will you have a virtual meeting available for WCI conference? Maybe some recorded powerpoints synced with audio or pdf transcripts for purchase along with the powerpoint? I’d be interested.

    • Dr. Dahle has mentioned that there may be an option to purchase access to recordings after the conference. It would be great if you could make it in person, but I know how it goes with those babies.

      Regarding the drawdown posts, it’s a good idea to think about it well in advance. Will you need to access the Roth? Will your retirement spending money be subject to tax and to what extent? Not all dollars are created equal


    • True that. By then, I will have been blogging for more than two years. I’ll be surprised if I make it that long before more people figure me out. I drop plenty of hints and have plenty of pictures of my boys on the site already.

      See you then!

  6. Looking forward to hearing your “headlining” talk at the WCI conference, and joining you afterwards for happy hour.

    Perhaps the happy hour could count for credit too. I am envious of the brewery holdings in you investment portfolio. You could host an informal round table workshop titled “a physician’s guide to investing in start-up craft breweries”.

    • I’m game! My -PoF“bad investment” is tentatively hosting a soft opening in two weeks, and I’ve been collecting liquid dividends from my first microbrewery investment rather frequently this summer.


  7. This list is going to keep me busy for days, thanks, PoF.

    Wishing you a great time camping, s’mores and all.

    • Thanks! It was a blast, and the weather cooperated nicely. We did roast marshmallows, but my favorite S’more came in a bottle.

      S'mores Dragons Milk


  8. Great to see the “Chain Gang” of Drawdown Strategy articles posted together on The Sunday Best! That was a fun project, thanks to all for participating!

    • I’ll second that motion! Learned a ton participating in this.

      And thanks again for the shout out. Hope your camping weekend is going well.


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