• Thanks for the share, POF! While small frugal wins do not move the needle for high-income professionals, building a habit and mindset of frugality through saving on small items will make you more likely to be frugal on the big items as well.

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  • Hatton1

    The couch looks great!

  • That sofa looks great! Nice work. Also, I’m jealous on the Lego deals you found…

  • Mike

    On your comment of saving small dollar amounts daily, I have always reflected back on one of the best financial columnists pre-internet: Andrew Tobias.

    He was on the Johnny Carson show (many may need to look him up!) in the 70s and tried to explain that buying consumer goods in bulk at a discount is an incredible investment, and used purchasing wine by the case as the example.

    I now only buy wine (and other things) by the case. Virtually every shop gives 15-20% discount even for mix-and-match and it is more convenient to have bottles around the house…..they always seem to get “used.” While I know POF is more of a beer drinker, the math is equally applicable to other spending like paper towels, soap, razor blades, etc.

    As for the Legos– excellent score! I challenge POF to figure out your investment return (which will require you to determine how quickly you use them.)

    For those of you interested in some of the wine math from Tobias:

  • A local series of grocery stores went out of business. I bought tons of stuff in the 30%-60% off range. I couldn’t understand why others weren’t taking advantage of that. I saved hundreds of dollars by stocking up on things with a long shelf life that I know I will use. The ROI is hard to achieve by any other means. I don’t think people get it.

  • Hey Doc,

    I can think of no better example of the FIRE mindset than a 6-figure doc doing his own upholstery on an old couch. Congrats for setting a great example, and having fun in the process!! Let us know if you ever get into the biz, we have a leather chair our dog has, um, kinda shredded. We’re thinking of having it redone. After reading your post, we may just have to tackle it ourselves!

  • Thanks for sharing the post by Kirti Patel. I think it’s a very accurate description of the burnout and frustration that many physicians feel but aren’t always able to express.

  • Thanks for the mention!

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

    I checked out the article from Andrew Hallam and ERN. Great reads!

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Dr. PoF! Great links as every Sunday! And congrats on the frugal wins. You should call those in to the ChooseFI podcast!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody!

  • Thanks PoF. Appreciate the mention. As always, your word leads to quite the bump in traffic. Nearing 400 more views then usual today.

    I dug the Budgets are Sexy post. Quite interesting how different each persons journey can be. Thanks for sharing some great links.

  • HarjotSingh

    Your couch story needs a separate post – “Why does a Doctor feel the need to fix his own couch?” Or “Would you think your doctor is cheap or frugal if you learned that he fixed his own couch?”
    It has emotion like a well told story because the readers know the context, and it is a metaphor for values in life “When is a couch not just a couch?”
    I could feel the wheels of your thoughts churning when I read this. What song would go with this?
    BTW, I have done several of these repairs – many are adventures in learning for a curious mind.

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