The Sunday Best (8/27/2017)

The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated for your reading pleasure.

Expect most of the writing to be from recent weeks and consistent with the themes presented on this website: investing & taxes, financial independence, early retirement, and physician issues.


Presenting, this week’s Sunday Best:


I had little more fun than usual with this one. I answer 19 questions and share pictures of me with celebrities in Random Questions with Physician on FIRE over at My Sons Father.


I’ve had a couple frightful scenarios at work this week, but nothing like what the Rogue Dad, MD sees in the pediatric emergency room. How he handles hardship in Serenity Now & Death in the ER.


How will you pay for health care as an early retiree? An option I once dismissed just might be the answer. From the Millennial Money Man, Is a Health Care Sharing Ministry Right for You?


One way to cope is to separate your professional persona from your personal life, as Dr. Christy Pearce of Son of a Doctor has done. My Job Does Not Define Me… Anymore.


FI is a great goal, regardless of your interest in early retirement. The White Coat Investor explores 8 Things To Do With Financial Independence Besides Retire Early.


Another worthy and sometimes elusive life goal is Happiness. Author Jonathan Clements of the Humble Dollar encourages you to squeeze more happiness from your dollars. Happiness: 10 Questions to Ask.


The Frugal Humanist seems awfully happy since retiring early a year ago, as detailed in these two posts on the topic.


The Done by Forty duo took a trip of a lifetime and took lots of pictures. I’ve been to Iceland three times now, but have yet to spend more than a few days. I’d love to take a week or more like they did, traveling Iceland’s Ring Road in a KuKu.


Taking a trip like that would be a bit more complicated with our kids, just like our financial independence journey was. The Chief Mom Officer discusses the topic in Moms on FIRE — Thoughts On Seeking Financial Independence With Kids in Tow.


Miss Bonnie MD is offering a much-needed female perspective on personal finance, launching an interview series with women in medicine.


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Nominate Your Favorite Blogs & Podcasts for the Plutus Awards


I’ve shared hundreds of posts with you from bloggers in all walks of life. I hope you’ve found at least a few that you really enjoy, and this is your opportunity to recognize them.

The 8th Annual Plutus Awards are open for nominations in a variety of categories. To see last years’ nominees and winners, check out the 7th Annual Plutus Awards.

Winners will be announced at the awards banquet a couple months from now at FinCon17 in Dallas, the annual gathering of personal finance bloggers and more.

Having a relatively new site (founded in January of 2016 — not saying that so you’ll know this site can be nominated as a New Personal Finance Blog — that would be so lame and self serving ;), I have not been to FinCon before, but I hear it’s a barrel of fun. My wife and I will be making our first FinCon trip this October and I look forward to meeting a lot of my blogging friends in person for the first time.

I’ll be filling out my ballot, and I hope you will take a few minutes to do the same — make your nominations here. Don’t worry about filling it out completely. I don’t think I know enough sites to nominate multiple blogs in all the categories, and I read a lot of blog posts!

If you’re struggling to recall some of your favorites, I keep an extensive list of physician and personal finance bloggers on my blogroll. There’s also a section for podcasts.

And you can always visit the Sunday Best archives for additional inspiration. If you still can’t come up with any ideas, I suppose you could just nominate the site you’re reading right now, whichever site that may be. But I’m not going to ask you to nominate Physician on FIRE. I would never do such a thing.



Have a great week!

-Physician on FIRE

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  2. If only I was reading a site right now that I could nominate…hmm…

    Great posts. Going over to read a few right now! My how time flies. Your site is almost 2. How did that happen. It’s officially a toddler now! Unless blogs grow in dog years. Then it’s much older.

  3. Nice picks. Digging through them now. What’s the deal with the Plutus awards? No physician blog category? You have to lodge a formal protest when you’re at FinCon!


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