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The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated for your reading pleasure.

Expect most of the writing to be from recent weeks and consistent with the themes presented on this website: investing & taxes, financial independence, early retirement, and physician issues.


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Presenting, this week’s Sunday Best:


The Physician Philosopher has been a busy man. He wrote a book which will be published eight days from today and is up to 15 physician finance interviews. I’m particularly partial to his latest one: Physician Finance Interview #15: Physician on Fire


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I’ve been busy, too, recording several podcasts in recent weeks. In this convo with Ryan Inman (a Recommended Financial Advisor) of the Financial Residency Podcast, we talk fatFIRE. He asks, What Does fatFIRE Mean and Why Do You Need to Know About It?


Super Greener has simple goals. Like saving you money and saving the world, for example. Read Her Whys, the Backstory, and her latest effort to help End Fashion Slavery.


Our friends at Waffles on Wednesday are changing the world one mission at a time. Wandering with the Wows: Volunteering in Cambodia- Part 1.


We’ll be taking our kids to Honduras again. I want them to be… worldly. The Econ Dad reflects on what he wants for his own children in I Just Want My Kids to Be…


I want my kids to be competent DIY investors; that’s one reason I started this site! The White Coat Investor came up with 10 Ways To Know You Are Competent to DIY Your Investments.


From the “Doctors do the Darndest Things” department, this is a sad but true story from none other than Passive Income MD. Did anyone else ditch FAANG stocks to invest in potash? No, not pot stocks. Potash stocks. How I Lost Over $100,000 on a Hot Stock Tip.


Joe Udo was able to Retire by 40 back in 2012, but his wife chose to keep on working. He asks, Can My Wife Retire Early? If you’re asking for my permission, Mrs. RB40, persmission granted.


One year ago, Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge of Our Next Life left their jobs as nearly-simultaneous early retirees at ages 38 and 41. This year, they’ve been reflecting on what they’ve done, learned and how they’ll live differently in 2019.


Our net worth has grown quite a bit since filling out Millionaire Interview #5.  So has the interview series over at ESI Money.


Last week, I highlighted my foibles in real estate. The Doctor Loan: My Experiences Buying and Building with Physician Mortgage Loans.


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My friend Jim was my fourth friend named Jim to partake in my 11-question interview series. Christopher Guest Post: Route to Retire


Our Saturday Selection came from Dr. Peter Kim who was born to be an entrepreneur. PIMD’s Med School Side Hustles.


Snowbird Dreaming


I’m wrapping up a busy 7-day stretch at work and I’ve got a week off before the next one. Fortunately, this will be my last winter holding down a job that is location-dependent. I’m proud to be a Minnesotan, but when this is the weather on your week off, it’s easy to second guess why we choose to live here.


Really Effing Cold


Yes, those are actual air temperatures, not wind chills. Yes, those are highs of 14 below zero. Yes, in Farenheit. It will be even colder an hour or two north of here.

No, curling will not be canceled. School might be for a day or two, though.

On the plus side, there was ample ice on the lake for the world’s largest ice fishing tournament this weekend. Lots of walleye, perch, northern pike, and tullibee being pulled up from the depths.

Another perk, as the only anesthesiologist in town on call this weekend, is that really cold ice isn’t nearly as slippery. 31-degree surface ice melts with just a little bit of friction (that’s the magic behind sweeping with a curling broom to speed up your rock), but subzero ice is practically sticky.

If we take care of any orthopedic injuries this weekend, they’ll probably be related to the high ABV some of our fishermen and women as they attempt to warm up from the inside out. Best of luck to everyone who is braving the cold out there!

In the future, I expect we’ll find a warmer climate to ride out the chilliest parts of the year. Many of us northerners grew up with grandparents who flew south for a few months of the year.

With a migration pattern mimicking the birds and monarchs, they would land in places like the Caribbean, Florida, Arizona, and Mexico. I’m looking forward to my turn as a snowbird.

Speaking of Arizona, I’ll be spending a couple weeks down there next month, and I’ll likely be announcing a meetup in Tucson. Stay tuned.


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Have an outstanding week!

-Physician on FIRE

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Best (1/27/2019)”

  1. I was up n the Adirondaks ice climbing last weekend. Monday hit -7 for the high. I like to think of it this way – Spring would not be special or fun if there was no winter. Climate is like lifestyle inflation, once you get what you want then you’re no longer happy anymore. It’s good to have some adversity in the climate 😉

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  3. When I was on Ohio I was not a big fan of the weather this time of year. I lived close to the lake Erie and got dumped with lake effect snow. I remember driving around 2 am for an emergency call in my jeep and did a complete 360 on the interstate.

    One of my best decisions was to seek employment below the snow belt. I am happy if I never see snow or ice again although it still rarely happens even in my location (lasts for a few days though rather than months)

    I am looking forward to The Physician Philosopher book. He actually came out and revealed his identity so the anonymous blog ranks has again decreased by one.

  4. I just got home from a hiking/climbing trip where the heat index was in the one-teens.

    It’s good to be home to snow and cooler temps, but I might not have that fuzzy feeling if those cooler temps were in the negative teens.


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