The Sunday Best (10/21/2018)

The Sunday Best
The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated for your reading pleasure.

Expect most of the writing to be from recent weeks and consistent with the themes presented on this website: investing & taxes, financial independence, early retirement, and physician issues.


Presenting, this week’s Sunday Best:


Fun fact: Before settling on “Physician on FIRE”, I considered “Frugal Physician” as a website possibility but realized it didn’t encompass all that I stood for. I’m happy to see that a different frugal physician has laid claim to the name and is doing great things with her site and life. How I Paid off $100,000 on Student Loans in 6 months!


You’ve got to have a solid income to pull off a feat like that, of course. Do certain personality types lend themselves to higher incomes? Sure as $h!7 says Kitty from the award-winning Bitches get Riches. I’m an INTJ, the fourth-highest-earning type, but am more of a highest-earning ENTJ after a beer or two. Myers-Briggs Personalities and Income.


I don’t know which personality type is the most giving, but I’ve seen lots of great examples of charity from the personal finance community. Apathy Ends hosts Penny from She Picks up Pennies in a post highlighting the role of giving while pursuing financial independence. I Don’t Want to Get to Where I’m Going Without Giving.


Speaking of getting to where you’re going, have you ever thought about obtaining dual citizenship in retirement? Typically, you have to have close relatives from there or be willing to invest some money. The Escape Artist describes how anyone with means can become a citizen of the European Union with Portugal’s Golden Visa Residency And Second Passport Program.


If you’ve got a second home in Europe, it might be tough to conceal the fact that you’re kinda rich, but the Debt Free Dr. has some stealth wealth tips. 7 Lessons on How to Live the Stealth Wealth Life.


Dr. Francisco Maldonado, one of The Finance Twins, has strong stealth wealth potential. Find out why in 5 Personal Finance Lessons I Learned in Medical School. Coincidentally, the good doctor is an intern where I interned 16 years ago after attending med school in Minnesota, as I did.


I believe in transparency, and this post from Dr. Emilia Sam at KevinMD is about as transparent as it gets. “I have a confession. I didn’t enter my profession to help people.” Unbridled honesty in The Myth of Compassion in Healthcare.


Some physicians have an abundance of compassion. Can a physician have too much? Check out this emotional piece from Reflections of a Millennial Doctor: Drowning in a Bucket of Tears.


The White Coat Investor recently published the Top 5 of over 700 essays he received in his scholarship contest. Here are those winning posts from students and trainees in the healthcare field.


Two years ago, I shared about a dozen FinCon recap posts in The Sunday Best. Last year, I wrote one of my own and linked to 40-some FinCon recaps from other bloggers. This year, so many physicians joined me that I’ve got a plethora of recaps just from them.


The other night, my colleagues and I took an applicant (for an opening in our group) out to dinner. We shook hands and I introduced myself.

“Your reputation precedes you,” he says.

Cool, I’m thinking. He must know about this site. Maybe that’s how he learned of the job opportunity.

“When a friend of mine was interviewing for residency,” he says, “you were one of the senior residents who took the applicants out for dinner. And then afterward, you took him and his wife to this craft beer pub. They said there was a plaque on the wall with your name on it.”


That reputation.

His friend did end up matching and completing his residency there at my alma mater, so my recruiting methods seemed to work well back then. We’ll see if that holds true to this day.


Virtual #FinCon18


While it’s too late to clink glasses and say Cheers in real life, it’s not too late to take in each and every one of the talks that were given over the course of the four-day conference where media and money meet.

The FinCon18 online version — more than 100 sessions and over 65 hours of professionally produced video — is now available for online viewing. The online version of the conference is well organized into learning tracks for financial advisors, bloggers, podcasters, youtubers / vloggers, along with the Big Idea and Keynote speakers.

I had the honor of participating in two panels, and those hour-long videos are a part of the package.

  • Four Flavors of FIRE with Pete of Mr. Money Mustache, J.D. of Get Rich Slowly, Carl of 1500 Days, Jillian of Montana Money Adventures, and me.
  • Withdrawal Strategies for Early Retirees with Jean Chatzky of The Today Show, Tanja of Our Next Life, Karsten of Early Retirement Now, Jonathan of ChooseFI, and me.


If you wish you had been there, are considering going in 2019, or think you might want to start a blog, podcast, or Youtube channel, this would be worth checking out (which you can do at this affiliate link).

we had a good time, if you can’t tell!



Answer quick MicroSurveys for cash. Designed with convenience and timeliness in mind, 70% of surveys are answered on a mobile device in just a few minutes.

Physicians, Pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals are invited to join Incrowd today!


Better than Halloween Candy? Gift a Halloween Book!


A couple of years ago, I picked up a spooky book of thirteen short stories tailor-made for October. I read my boys a handful stories, and the book ended up back on their bookshelf after Halloween.

The other day, I saw my younger son reading the book, and lo and behold, each of them had read through the entire book at least once.

I picked it up again and read them a few more tales. The stories are quick (about 10 pages each), eerie without being overly frightening, and the open-ended nature of them leaves the rest of the story up to my grade school-aged boys’ imaginations.

The book was written by a television meteorologist and real estate appraiser who was once a talented tennis player in my brother’s class in high school. Like me, he’s got a side gig writing, and unlike me, he’s an award-winning published author.

Consider dropping a copy of Pumpkin Spirits in your favorite costumed kiddo’s goodie bag this year.


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Have an outstanding week!

-Physician on FIRE

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  2. Thank you for another feature! I truly have much of my success due to your willingness to share my stories!

    I was pleasantly surprised to have already read most of what you curated for this week, but the MB Personalities and income was a welcome one to add to my list. I am an ENFJ like Miss Bonnie MD, so being overly compassionate is one of my personality traits that I struggle with. But, apparently it makes for good writing. Thanks again!

  3. A plaque on a wall… ya gotta love a man with a history. Probably more important than being ENTJ and a helluva lot less boring.

    • Sadly, that joint closed down — the owner apparently had an issue with gluten — a big issue for the proprietor of a craft beer bar. There’s a new bar in its place, but it doesn’t have the same appeal as the pub where I drank 100 different beers over the course of a year, and have the $500 tee shirt to prove it!

  4. Thanks for the shout out PoF! Interesting about the MB personalities and income. I think I’m ENFJ (never took the REAL MB test just online versions but always got that). Looks like not in the top 3 earner personalities but Obama and Oprah at ENFJs so I am in good company …

    • I took the actual test early on in medical school with the rest of the class, but I don’t recall the results. More recently, I took the online version. I clearly remember one of my “body buddies” commenting that the answers to the questions depend upon whether or not he’s drinking. Alcohol is good at unearthing the hidden extrovert in all of us.


  5. Thanks for the link to my recap! I still have so much to do from what I learned at FinCon18. You’re a venerable FinCon celebrity, but I look forward to connecting with you more at the next one! And I’ve also scored as an INTJ and an INFJ on Meyers Briggs.

  6. Thanks Physician on FIRE for including my post about FinCon as one of the doc bloggers who didn’t go and deeply regretted that decision.

    I talked myself out of going this year but vowed not to make the same mistake next as I have already purchased next year’s passes and hotel booking.

    Can’t wait to meet all the people I have gotten close to online in person. Looking forward to meeting you especially.


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