In the first installment of Saving Money in and Around San Francisco, I discussed the first four days of our

Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco, while Q-Tip left his wallet in El Segundo. My wife and I had

I made a grocery run on Saturday. Not because the pantry or refrigerator were empty. They were quite full, actually.

Enough. It’s a word that factors heavily in so many calculations and decisions we make every day. How much propofol

“Make it a treat.” These four simple, yet powerful words, just might be the key to both financial success and

Frugal. Frugality. Frugaling? These words, which rarely appear anywhere near the word “physician”, are interpreted different ways by different people.

What images come to mind when you imagine living the life of an NFL athlete?  Mansions, Bentleys, cocktails in the grotto? 

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