According to the latest Doximity salary report, urology ranked as the 9th highest specialty, with an average salary of approximately

Data sources show an average salary the average salary of a radiologist is roughly $500,000 annually. According to the latest

According to Doximity, In 2023, Oncologists ranked as the 17 highest-paid physician specialties with an average annual salary of approximately

Data sources show that the average salary of a dermatologist is roughly $450,000 annually. According to the latest Doximity report,

Ah, the Type A personality. Often portrayed in the media as high-strung perfectionists, these individuals are known for their relentless

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate with loved ones and indulge in delicious food. But did you know some

Happy Thanksgiving! The PoF family extends heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you and the incredible community we

  “The Disney Fantasy welcomes the Sanchez Family on board.” This resounding announcement caught our attention as we crossed the

I’m a coffee person—through and through. I remember vividly dreaming about owning a Breville machine and becoming the ultimate home

As we approach retirement, we often find ourselves immersed in a sea of financial considerations, pondering our savings, Social Security

Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest-paid athlete in the world, is a name that resonates with excellence in soccer. Playing as a

Few things are more thrilling than watching live sports. That game-winning touchdown or buzzer-beater shot can create memories to last

New online shopping platforms constantly emerge, offering consumers a variety of products at competitive prices. One such platform that has

My Dad has uttered this phrase more times than I can count. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” He

Happiness is more difficult to define than it would seem at first blush. It’s even more difficult to quantify, and

Often, I share tales of successful investing and real estate ventures. This is not one of those. It’s quite the

Before I had a blog, I wouldn’t have dreamed of hiring a virtual assistant. I’m reluctant to outsource the work

This is a message that I need to hear more often. Even in my semi-retired state, I still feel the

When your workday starts as early as mine once did, it’s difficult to start any beneficial morning habits. When you

After several suggestions to survey my readership over the years, I finally did what my wife told me I should

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