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Average Urologist Salary in the US

According to the latest Doximity salary report, urology ranked as the 9th highest specialty, with an average salary of approximately $506,000 per year.

At the same time, the Medscape Annual Compensation Report found that the average salary for a urologist was approximately $506,000 in 2023, which falls perfectly in line with the Doximity average salary.

When reading these numbers, it’s vital to recognize that urologist compensation can vary significantly due to different factors such as specialties, sub-specialties, and geographic location.

For example, the salary for a urologist in Wisconsin was 63% higher, or $157,000 more, than that of a urologist in Florida. Likewise, pediatric urologists report an average salary of $440,000. In comparison, general urologists report an average salary of $459,000.


Are Urologist’s Average Salary Increasing or Decreasing?

Urologists had one of the largest increases in salary from previous years, according to the latest 2023 Medscape compensation report. The salary for physicians in urology increased by 10% from 2022. This means Urologists’ salaries have been able to outpace inflation, which was 4.7% in 2022.

Besides Urologists, only two other physician specialties experienced a salary increase larger than 10% – oncology and gastroenterology.



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Do Urologists Receive Incentives or Bonuses?

Like many physician specialties, urologists also receive bonuses or incentive compensation. Unfortunately, the compensation data on bonuses for urologists is not well documented over the last several years. However, in a 2021 compensation report, urologists reported an incentive compensation of $72,000 per year

This was approximately 17% of Urologist’s total salary in 2021, which was $427,000. If we maintain the same bonus levels in 2023 based on the Urologists salary in 2023, we can assume that the average bonus salary is approximately $86,000.

Do urologists take extra work for additional income?

Based on the 2023 Medscape report, only 36% of urologists reported taking on additional work to supplement their income. In fact, 24% of urologists reported performing other medical-related work for supplemental income. On the other hand, only 5% of urologists reported moonlighting for additional income. 5% also reported working more hours as a way to earn additional income.

Compared to 2022, the number has increased, with only 23% of urologists reporting taking on additional work to supplement their income. In 2022, only 12% reported performing other medical-related work, while 7% reported performing non-medical-related work.


Do urologists feel fairly compensated?

Urologists have one of the highest rates of compensation satisfaction, coming in with the sixth-highest rating out of the 29 specialties surveyed.

Fifty-eith percent of urologists feel fairly compensated in 2023. This is 6% higher than physicians on average, who only report 52% feeling fairly compensated.

This figure is down from the 2022 report figures, where 59% of physicians felt fairly compensated. This change in feeling fairly compensated from 2022 to 2023 is not unique; overall, feelings of fair compensation were down across all specialties in 2023.



Factors Affecting Urologist’s Salary


Experience Level

As with any position, Urologists experience influences their salary.

An entry-level cardiologist will earn less than someone with more training, experience, and skills.

There isn’t much data to show how the salary of a cardiologist evolves as they gain more experience. However, if we use Salary Experts database report, we can come up with the following median annual salary at different levels of experience:

Entry Level – $296,000

Mid-Career – $455,000

Experienced – $629,000

As an entry-level urologist, your starting pay is about 60% of the national average. But as urologists gain experience from entry-level to mid-career, they can expect to reach the national average and earn nearly $200,000 more. Finally, by the time a Urologist is fully experienced and in a senior role, they can expect to earn nearly $650,000 annually or nearly an additional $200,000 from their mid-career salary levels.



Where you decide to practice radiology will influence your salary. This is not a phenomenon unique to radiologists but to all physicians.

A recent study by Doximity found that the average physician salary in the highest earnings metro area was approximately $431,000, and the lowest metro area was $342,000. This is nearly a $100,000 difference in average salary based on location.

To analyze pay differences by location, we used ZipRecruiter salary reporting. While ZipRecruiter’s numbers are slightly different than those of Doximity and Medscape numbers, we can use ZipRecruiter as a proxy to show which states pay higher salaries compared to others.


StateAnnual Salary
New Mexico$390,103
North Dakota$390,098
South Dakota$368,684
New York$366,338
Rhode Island$362,419
New Jersey$336,873
South Carolina$327,559
New Hampshire$326,078
North Carolina$320,798
West Virginia$259,201


From the table above, we can see that Wisconsin has the highest annual salary compared to Florida, which has the lowest average salary for an urologist. The salary for an urologist in Wisconsin was 63% higher or $157,000 more than that of an urologist in Florida.

Some factors that influence the salary differences between states are the supply of urologists, the demand for cardiologists, the cost of living, and the number of opportunities available.

That said, it’s essential to recognize that these states also vary in cost of living. The cost of living dramatically varies across the country, with metropolitan areas generally being more expensive. This means that while some states offer higher compensation for cardiologists, the buying power of that salary may be severely diminished by higher basic living expenses.



As with most physicians, your specialization within your specialty can significantly impact your salary.

Some of the most common oncology specialties include:

  • Pediatric Urology
  • General Urology
  • Female Pelvic Medicine
  • Reconstructive Surgery

Compared to many other specialties, there are not many recognized subspecialties within urology. It’s often more work to differentiate pay differences for subspecialties within urology.

Unfortunately, the data available for salary subspecialties is not readily available. However, pediatric urologists report an average salary of $440,000. In comparison, general urologists report an average salary of $459,000.


Type of Workplace

The type of hospital or medical facility where you work can also affect your salary as an urologist. Working at a large, well-known healthcare institution or private hospital often comes with a higher wage than smaller hospitals or clinics.

Unfortunately, no data shows the differences in salaries between the types of workplaces for urologists. However, these salary differences are very clear for all physician specialties and have been documented by the BLS for Physicians. 

Physicians working in physician offices or hospitals tend to earn more than those working in other offices or the educational sector.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much do urologists make per hour?

Urologists earn approximately $506,000 per year, and the standard number of working hours in one single year for a full-time employee is 2,080 hours per year. Based on these numbers, urologists earn, on average, $243 per hour.

But like many physicians, urologists are often asked to work more than 40 hours per week. Based on a study of urologist burnout, they found that, on average, urologists worked nearly 55 hours per week.  Using the average number of working hours per week, urologists are more likely to work approximately 2,860 hours per year. This means that urologists earn approximately $177 per hour on average.


How much do urologists make per month?

Urologists earn approximately $506,000 per year, which would result in earning approximately $42,000 per month. Likewise, at $42,000 per month, urologists make approximately $10,500 or $21,000 bi-weekly.


How much do urologists make in California?

According to ZipRecruiter salary reporting, urologists earn approximately $336,000 per year in California. This figure is significantly lower than the national average reported by Doximity and Medscape 2023 reports. While the national average reported by those agencies is more reliable, you can use ZipRecruiter as a proxy.

According to ZipRecruiter, California was the 27th highest-paying state for urologists. The reported salary for an urologist in California was only 21% lower than the highest-paying state of Wisconsin at $406,000 per year.


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