Attending Your Own Funeral: Thoughts on Finances and Legacies


A week ago, I was in the audience for a talk at Camp FI given by Paul David Thompson. I had the privilege of talking to the group on Saturday, giving a Powerpoint-led presentation on fatFIRE and charitable giving. I called it fatFIRE: Living Large & Giving Large. I thought it went well enough, especially for something I threw together pretty much last minute. You see, I only had about 364 days to prepare for the talk, as I think […]

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We Bought a $90,000 House. And Yes, We’re Moving In.

90k house

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. We had been watching the real estate market for months, looking for the right place for a home base as we set ourselves up to travel for months at a time over the next several years. A few places were snatched up before we could even see them. We were in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Minnesota while looking for a home in Michigan. Refresh. We found one! It wasn’t perfect, but it was on a desirable lake, […]

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A Life Without Chains


The tractor was stuck. Sitting kittywampus in a depression of dirt in the woods, it wasn’t going anywhere. We tried a few tricks, broke a few boards, but the thing was simply stuck in the mud. If there was an easy way out, my Dad would have found it by now, but we were going to have to bust out a chain. We had a chain handy in the back of the side-be-side ATV. We had used it a few […]

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How The White Coat Investor’s Children Will Pay for Their College

  I got skin in the game I got a household name I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man   -The Killers   Dr. Jim Dahle has become a household name in certain circles. In this niche of personal finance information for physicians, you could say he is “The Man.” The man is here to say that he wants his kids to have some skin in the game when it comes to paying for their college […]

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Merry Christmas from My Family to Yours! Our Fake News Christmas Newsletter

It’s Christmas Eve, and although it was a scramble to get our family Christmas newsletter out in time — I wrote this in the car on 12/16 — the USPS should have delivered the paper version of what follows by now. If you didn’t receive a letter from me in the mail (and you probably didn’t), it’s because I didn’t want any more trees to be sacrificed for the printer paper and envelope or any more greenhouses emitted to deliver […]

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Help Me Give Away $10,000

If the turkeys aren’t nervous yet, they should be. Stove Top Stuffing and jellied cranberries are flying off the store shelves. In a couple days, most of us will get together with family for a full day of feasting, football, and the inevitable tryptophan-induced slumber. Thanksgiving is two days away, and it’s a day in which we reflect on all that we are thankful for. I won’t be partaking in the family festivities. It’s my turn to work the 5-day […]

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Job A Versus Job B. A Tale of Two Jobs

Let’s compare two very different jobs. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll call one Job A and the other Job B. As you will see, these jobs have little in common with one another, but there is a tie that binds them. Would you rather have Job A? Or Job B? Could you have the best of both worlds with a little from column A and a little from column B? Let’s start comparing and contrasting, shall we?   Job A Versus […]

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One Year of Commuting With a Modified Electrified Fortified Bike

A year ago, I had just completed the TK-421 modification of my Fortified e-bike, turning the sleek and solid 8-speed commuting bicycle into a powerful, motorized beast. For step-by-step instructions and my first impressions, see An Electrified Fortified Commuting Machine. I only had a couple weeks to ride it before the air became frigid and the snow started to fall. Are there hardcore riders that forge on despite the adverse conditions? Yes, and I’m not one of them. If I […]

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FinCon: The Conference That Doesn’t Sleep

fincon shirts

Today, September 24, 2018, I am republishing a post I wrote after last year’s FinCon, the conference where money and media meet. I’m often asked what the conference is all about. It’s about meeting your online friends face to face. It’s about making new friends and business or media connections. It’s a great opportunity for anonymous content creators to speak openly about their blog, podcast, or Youtube channel and learn how to reach more people with it. The following is […]

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Money is Everything

Grand Hotel Mackinac

I have a difficult time understanding the level of apathy that so many people have towards money. Apathy may not be the best word. People do seem to care about money and they certainly want more, but I don’t see a lot of people making the wise and sometimes difficult choices that will help them actually grow their money and achieve financial independence. My wife and I were talking about this very thing. I was talking about people wasting money […]

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A Q & A with Physician on FIRE (that’s me!)

gumbalimba zipline

Last summer, I took part in an interview series with another anesthesiologist named Tom from High Income Parents. Unfortunately, his site doesn’t exist any longer, which means my interview disappeared, too. Why did he stop? All this talk of FI must have gotten to him. He and his family are in the process of selling most of their belongings and making plans to move his family of seven to a sailboat for a major sailing adventure! With all that is […]

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Coming Clean: How Financial Independence Came More Easily & I’m Not Exactly Retired.

transparent translucent

With all the talk about early retirement on my website, you would think I’m retired. Given the plethora of posts I’ve written on financial independence, you’d think I’d have covered all the angles. You would be wrong on both counts. Recently, our friend Tanja at Our Next Life wrote a blogging manifesto (<– that’s called a back-link, which helps send traffic to the target site and improves its rank and position with search engines) calling out the FIRE bloggers to be […]

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Taking Steps Toward a Better Life

queens bath kauai

Today we have a thoughtful post from Passive Income MD, and it’s one I can certainly relate to. We’d all like to improve our bodies, our minds, our habits and such, but first we must overcome a number of obstacles, most of them internal. How exactly is the good doctor taking steps toward a better life? Read and learn. This post originally appeared on Passive Income MD.   Taking Steps Toward a Better Life   “A journey of a thousand […]

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I Volunteered for the Hospital Board and was Sued for Millions.

The telephone rang. Why would he be calling? Must be a misdial, I figured. I  hadn’t worked with him in several years, and we were never known to make social calls back when we did work together. That call was no mistake. What he had to say made me simultaneously queasy, fearful, and angry. It felt like the first couple loops on a rollercoaster ride I I didn’t sign up for. I had no idea at the time that I […]

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Physician on FIRE Turns Two.

jetpack site stats

That happened fast! This website turns two years old today. Still drinking from a sippy cup and smearing its face with frosting every time it eats cake, but at least it’s taken well to potty training. Now, if it could just drop a nap, I’d be happy. Scratch that. I am happy. Thrilled, in fact! I’ve met so many impressive people, both virtually and in real life, as a result of this two-year old blog. I am grateful for the time […]

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Five Financial and Five Non-Financial Lessons Learned From Our Family Doctor

papas queso gorditas

We are departing from our regularly scheduled program to bring you a guest post on Tuesday. Fear not, you will see a post from me on Thursday, and the reason for the swap will be clear. Tina and Max of are a pair that started from scratch as immigrants and built a net worth of about $2 Million. Today, they share some of the lessons they gleaned from the Family Doctor that helped them get to where they are […]

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The WCI Network Expands!

WCI network

On March 4th of this year, Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor and I “marched forth” together, announcing the creation of the WCI Network. In case you missed it, these are the announcement posts from nearly nine months ago: Physician On FIRE – Applying FIRE Principles to High Income Professional Mixing Business with Pleasure: PoF goes to SLC   As the collaboration has proven to be a successful venture, we are growing the network, and I’m excited to […]

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An Electrified Fortified Commuting Machine

My first bicycle was a Schwinn with a banana seat, training wheels, and it may or may not have had tassels dangling from the handlebars. It definitely had playing cards clothes-pinned to the frame in such a way that made a sweet rat-a-tat-tat sound as I tooled around the driveway. I learned how to ride and I learned how to crash on that thing. I vividly remember taking off down the gravel road sans training wheels, and promptly laying it […]

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Our Latest Real Estate Investment: 7 Acres of Lakefront

Waterfront Lots

We thought we had a good plan. Work another year or two, minimize our belongings, downsize to our 700-square foot cabin as a home base, and travel extensively for a few years. It was a good plan, actually. It still could be. But one great opportunity has us thinking a bit differently. Our Latest Real Estate Investment: 7 Acres of Lakefront   Not long ago, we closed on ten lots, including 4 waterfront lots with 560 feet of frontage with […]

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Four Rules I Followed To Get Wealthy

a real rocket scientist

Today’s Saturday Selection is a classic post from The White Coat Investor. I apologize if the title is misleading. Perhaps I should have replaced “I” with “WCI,” but the truth is, I’ve followed these same principles, so I let it stand. As per usual, this post originally appeared at the WCI network partner site The White Coat Investor.   I guess we’re rich now. It’s not a huge surprise. As a resident, we made a plan to get rich. We then followed it. […]

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