• Nice roundup, PoF. As a fellow Midwesterner, I enjoyed the great weather this weekend as well. Of course, I spent it going to the local museum for free using the Bank of America Museums on Us promotion, but we’ll get outside today.

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  • Sounds like a fantastic weekend. How were those “milkshake” IPAs?

    Ugh, a month in Mexico sounds like a dream (if you budget correctly for it, of course). My weekend’s been pretty hectic. I have a few job interviews that I’ve been trying to prepare for, in addition to all of the typical Picky Pinchers insanity. Hopefully we can make time to catch a movie and relax today.

  • We’re getting more of your nice weather today! Good thing – it’s been gray, rainy and cold all week! Got our taxes done and we’ll be sending off some big money to Uncle Sam next week too…

  • Not sure where in the north east you meant. After three days of rain here in Delaware it’s in the 60s and sunny today. Ive been on kids duty most of the weekend as Mrs. FTF is recovering from minor surgery (nothing serious). During the rain I took the kids to a trampoline park for an hour. As a result last night the beer was more to help me sleep through the muscle pain then the enjoyment. Man I feel old…

  • We’ve been doing slow retirement! It’s been sunny and in the 70s. Mr. G has been experimenting with his garbage picker-upper tool during our walks. We’re getting small things done around home in preparation for an eventual move and we’ve been catching up on Netflix movies.

  • Dr P

    Sweet HHR, PoF! I used to drive a Chrysler PT Cruiser, which Chevy ripped off with the HHR design. I enjoyed the manual transmission and flexibility of the rear lift gate, but wasn’t so pleased by its repeated (and expensive) attempts to die.

    I’m now rocking a 10 year old Civic, which looks great in the physician parking lot!

    • Thanks, Dr. P!

      And congrats on leaving the 5,000th comment on this site! Bonus points have been awarded.

      I really liked the look of the HHR when it came out. It obviously shares some styling with the PT cruiser, but has a much larger rear cargo space, so you can get more junk in the trunk. Chevy says the design is based on a 1947 Chevy Suburban, but apparently the same guy designed both the cruiser and HHR. It’s not a great car, but it gets me where I need to go.


  • 7 famous bloggers and I 🙂

    Thanks for being part of it doc. Much appreciated!


  • April is the start of the 30 Days of Biking challenge – so you already have a head start since you were biking in March! You can take the pledge here: http://30daysofbiking.com/

  • Funny, I made pizza this weekend too!

    Thanks for a great Sunday Best.


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