Today’s post is the first in a series of Christopher Guest posts that I will run every few weeks to

Personal finance is personal, and personal posts tend to be more interesting than the typical clickbait lists that penetrate our Facebook

What is happiness? The Beatles said that Happiness is a Warm Gun. Ummm…. next! Linus told Charlie Brown that Happiness

In each of our previous looks at the 4 physicians, each doctor had a baseline salary of $300,000. We looked

If you’ve been following the FIRE movement, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it means to be financially

I started thinking about an early retirement in late 2014. I’ve read extensively on the topic in the interim, and

Today, I’d like to explore strategies to avoid taxes on capital gains and dividends. Both of these investment returns come

I was working on a bathroom remodel in the basement on April 21, 2016, listening to Hawaii’s New Music Alternative

Tax Day is just around the corner. Be sure to file your tax return (or file for an extension) before

It’s time to revisit the spendthrift Dr. Dahlgren again. In our last round of puppeteering, Dr. D had a wakeup

The last time we revisited Dr. Carlson, we explored the impact of a higher salary and learned that a 33%

Does the concept of financial independence appeal to you? Would you like to have the option to retire early? Great!

I’ve written a few Top 5 posts so far, and the 5 top items have generally been listed in no particular order.

This is going to be an unpleasant look at one of our beloved 4 physicians as he goes through the

Today, we’ll add another chapter to the saga of the 4 Physicians. We’ve already explored the benefits of Dr. Anderson

Welcome to another Top 5 list, the Top 5 Reasons to achieve Financial Indendence (FI). I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy

It’s time to tinker with the hypothetical life of another one of our 4 physician friends.  Doctors Anderson, Benson, and

It’s time to revisit another of our 4 physicians.  We’ve seen what might happen if Dr. Anderson keeps working while

In the Tale of 4 Physicians, we analyzed the impact of different spending budgets on wealth creation.  Each of our

I have met at least two physicians over the years who told me they planned on retiring at age 45. 

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