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I’ll Give $100 Each to Charities Chosen by the First 100 Readers to Comment


I’ve tried to make it as clear as possible in the title. I’m donating money. You’re choosing the charities. It’s that simple.

This is the third consecutive year that I’ve shown gratitude to my readers and sponsors by donating to charities you all select.

In 2018, we gave away $10,000. In 2019, about $13,000 was donated as I made grants to 100 reader-chosen charities on top of the sponsors’ selections.

2020 has been a tough year, and many are in need. I’m upping the ante by doing what we did last year and adding a $10,000 grant to an organization that is going to make the world a better, safer place in 2021.


I’ll Give $100 Each to Charities Chosen by the First 100 Readers to Comment


The first two attempts at this drew an underwhelming response. That first year, the apathy was palpable. It took all morning, afternoon, and evening to get 72 readers to make a recommendation.

Last year, we had a number of repeat requests from readers who realized what I was offering, and we had 100 requests before noon eastern time.

That was a big improvement, but still, only about 5% of my email subscribers bothered to click through to read the post, which is 1/3 to 1/4 the click-through rate of a typical post.

Hence, I tried to make it plain as day this year. I’m not asking for donations. I’m not matching them. I’m making them. I think I did a poor job of providing that clarity, at least in the title, in previous years.




The $10,000 Grant Goes to…


The timing of my retirement from medicine has been interesting. Within months, there was a novel coronavirus causing problems overseas, and a pandemic was declared seven months after I last stepped foot in an operating room.

I thought I might be called back into duty, and volunteered to step in if needed. With so many anesthesiologists idled as elective surgeries have were put on hold in the spring and again in the fall, my services have not been necessary. As it’s now been nearly 16 months since I’ve held a laryngoscope, I’m not sure I’d be the best person to step in at this point.

I’ve thought about other ways I can help.

A story about UNICEF’s plans to distribute 2 Billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine to impoverished nations popped up in my news feed.

It’s going to take a global effort to defeat the virus, and the world’s wealthiest nations have already spoken for many of the vaccine doses slated to be manufactured.

I’ll get my shot as soon as someone lets me, and I’d like to see others less fortunate have an opportunity to get theirs.
I have donated $10,000 to UNICEF to aid in these efforts.





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Our Charitable Mission


This annual post is just one part of our charitable mission. I say “our” mission because it doesn’t happen without your support. These gifts are possible because you help make this a profitable site. I’m speaking to both my readers and my sponsors when I say  “you.”

In April, we gave $25,000 to charities helping with various forms of COVID-19 relief.

We also donate a dollar amount equal to the salary of a physician I’ve worked with at a free surgery center in Honduras via One World Surgery.

In the nearly five years that this site’s been around, we’ve donated a little more than half of my online profits. That first year, it was a high four-figure sum. In year two, it was a solid five figures. This year and last, it’s been a six-figure amount. After today, the grand total of money donated will be a touch over $400,000.

That’s quite an impact. Again, I thank you.

The IRS makes it difficult to donate half of your income, particularly when doing so in the most tax-efficient way when you have no other source of income. There is also talk of limiting the value of deductions for charitable giving from our President-elect who has personally donated a grand total of $3,690 to charity over the past decade.

As I’ve argued before (see myth #3), giving in a tax-efficient manner whenever possible puts the most money in the charity’s coffers for each dollar you part with. It’s the opposite of selfish; it’s getting the most selfless good for your dollar.

When I was working as an anesthesiologist, donating half of my online income was not an issue. Without that extra income source, it’s more difficult to commit to continuing to donate half or more of my online profits as I have in the past, but I will continue to have a charitable mission as long as I have this site (and well after, thanks to our donor advised fund).


The Donor Advised Fund


Some of that $400,000 that we’ve given has been granted directly to charities, but we’ve also used this charitable mission to continue to grow a donor advised fund that we first established in 2013, before I knew what a blog was or that one could be profitable.

I’ve described the mini-foundation-like account and how we use it in great detail in other posts that I’ll link to below. I’ve heard from dozens of you who have started a donor advised fund (DAF) of your own. That’s awesome.

In short, it’s an account with a charitable organization. You donate money to it, and from there, it can only be granted to registered 501(c)(3) charities. Don’t worry, there are nearly two million eligible organizations that will gladly accept your DAF money.

You can donate appreciated mutual funds or other assets to the account. You decide how the account is invested. You also decide where the money gets donated and when, and you can make grants anonymously. When you make hundreds of grants as I have in recent years, this is a must! My mailbox would be overstuffed with pleas for more if not for the anonymous giving feature.

By building up a balance in our DAF, I not only have a ready source of money to donate whenever I want, but I can also treat it like an endowment of sorts, and I will be able to give from that account for a lifetime if I choose.




Charities Chosen by Our Sponsors


Companies and Individuals whom I’ve worked with over the past year were given the opportunity to select a recipient of a $100 grant.

These are their choices:

Akron Childrens Hospital: Citizens Bank
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: The Physician Philosopher
Assure Womens Center of Omaha: Pattern
Autism Speaks: Shearwater Capital
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana: Alpha Investing
Cameron Boyce Foundation: Kaplan Financial
Camp Sunshine: Washington Trust Mortgage
Chicago Foundation for Women: Origin Investments
Childrens Cancer Association, Portland: The Finity Group
Childrens Miracle Network: Switchpoint Financial
Doctors without Borders: Curizon
Ethiopian Spine and Heart Project: The White Coat Investor
Feeding America: TCF Bank
Feeding America: Incrowd
Friends of the Green Crescent: Coach Carson
Gary Sinise Foundation: First United Bank
Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs: BMO Harris Bank
Kismet Pet Adoptions: FPL Capital
Medicin Sans Frontiers: Visitors Coverage
Middletown Public Library: Physician Agreements Health Law
National Womens History Museum: Gretchen Green, MD
Nature Conservancy: RealtyMogul
New Ulm Jaycees: Frandsen Bank
Northland Miracles: Contract Diagnostics
Operation Underground Railroad: Semi-Retired MD
Oregon Food Bank: Crowdstreet
Rescue Rovers: CHG Healthcare
Ronald McDonald House: CMG Financial
Ronald McDonald House of Minneapolis: Resolve
St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital: Wealthkeel
Stages Bloomington: Hospital Recruiting
Startup Junkie Foundation: AcreTrader
Temple University Hospital: Pearson Ravitz
The Animal Sanctuary: Integrity Wealth
The Inn Between: Cindy of WCI & PoF
United Way of NYC: Laurel Road
Utah Food Bank: RFK Capital
Utah Sports Commission Foundation: Earnest
Values in Action Foundation: Splash Financial
Womens Foundation of Arkansas: Aptus Financial
Wounded Warrior Project: PKA Insurance


Tell Me Where to Donate $100


There are a few simple criteria.


First, the recipient must be named in the comment section below on this website. Replies on Twitter or Facebook will not be counted.


Second, the charity must be a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. You can research them and find the exact name, Tax ID number, and address of such organizations on sites like Guidestar, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, and Consumer Reports. I’ll be making the grants from Fidelity Charitable, which also has resources for selecting charities.


Third, please avoid political and religious organizations and associated gray areas. You’re welcome to support whomever you like, but I like to avoid anything that could be considered controversial with these grants.


Finally, consider supporting the charity you choose in another way if you are not already doing so. I know many of you nominate charities that you’re personally involved with, whether you’re donating your time, serving on its Board, or donating far more money yourself. I thank you for your efforts!


The Information I’ll Need


Please comment with the exact name of the charity. If you can find a link on Guidestar or Charity Navigator, please include that, too. Usually, that’s more than enough info as long as you know for a fact that it is indeed a 501(c)(3).

If you’re unable to find the charity in a search engine, this is the form I’ll be filling out. Please include the necessary info so that I can efficiently make the grant to your chosen charity.





UPDATE: We have > 100 grant requests as of 0800 EST. Thank you all for the great recommendations!

UPDATE 2: The benevolent millionaire Vagabond MD has graciously offered to fulfill grant requests made by the final 20 commenters. When combined with the grants made to UNICEF, the first 108 commenters and 40 sponsors, the total impact of our gifts is nearly $26,000 across the nation and world!

In 2021, I promise to publish the post later in the day to give those in all time zones a fair shot.



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292 thoughts on “I’ll Give $100 Each to Charities Chosen by the First 100 Readers to Comment”

    • Sorry, Lisa. I’m sure it’s worthy charity, but requests were closed in the morning on Giving Tuesday. Please refer to the post above for details.

  1. Subscribe to get more great content like this, an awesome spreadsheet, and more!
  2. We’ve reached 120+ requests!

    Thank you all for the amazing recommendations. I’ll be busy making grants all day. Next year, I promise to publish the post later in the day so that those on the left coast can make a request without staying up really late or waking up really early!


    • Your request was not among the first 108 or so requests that I was able to fulfill, but fear not. $100 will be granted soon thanks to a generous offer by Vagabond MD.

  3. I've got my 2 acres of non-leveraged, crop-producing, cashflowing farmland via AcreTrader. Get yours.
  4. Humbled by your generosity, Doc! You’re a blogging role model.

    New 2 U Rescue
    1857 Dewey Avenue, Box 15496
    Rochester, NY 14615

    Our foster organization, giving great homes to very good dogs!

  5. I know you already filled your 100, but thought it would be good to continue to show the support past 100! Thanks to everyone involved here at PoF for all that you do online and in the field.

    Informed Consent Action Network
    Informed Consent Action Network is headquartered in Austin, TX, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 81-4540235.

    • Your request was not among the first 108 or so requests that I was able to fulfill, but fear not. $100 will be granted soon thanks to a generous offer by Vagabond MD.

    • On second thought, neither Vagabond MD nor I have any interest in supporting an anti-vaccine agenda. I realize it’s not a religious or political organization, but we reserve the right to deny any request.

  6. Thank you for doing this again this year! My charity this year is Fabretto Children’s Foundation. I know there have already been more than 100, but if you give a gift to Fabretto, I will match it fully.

    Here are the details:

    Fabretto Children’s Foundation, Inc.
    1563 Sherman Ave., Third Floor
    Evanston, IL 60201
    EIN: 36-3894824
    Contact: Chrissy Strasser
    Phone: (703) 258-2773

    Amazing group doing life changing work for children in Nicaragua, which on top of all the challenges they normally face were hit by two Category 4+ hurricanes two weeks apart this year.

  7. You were not kidding about setting an alarm to get on the list! So inspiring! Thank you for all you do, not just donations, but the blog and keeping people connected.

    In case you make it past 100, I’d like to suggest:
    Girls on the Run of Mid and Western Md is headquartered in Frederick, MD, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 46-1318452.

  8. Thanks again for doing this. My charity will be the same as last years-
    Cholangiocarcinoma foundation- cholangiocarcinoma.org

  9. Well Outreach
    CLASSIFICATION: Food Banks, Food Pantries
    IRS SUBSECTION: 501(c)(3)

    • It’s got to be especially tough to deal with a pandemic when resources are limited at baseline. Thank you for your generous service!

      Global Mission

    • Thank you for rescuing an animal! We’ve had a few rescue dogs over the years — it’s a wonderful gift to those pets to give them a loving home.


    • I was looking forward to this again this year, but may have slept in too long and missed it. Thanks for doing it again this year (even if I’m not one of the 100! 🙂 P&P is a great organization, and I may just have a couple foster failures with them 🙂

  10. A donation to first book in my name will help support my little free library project 🙂 I need to find the info. Hold tight.

    • You’ve got some beautiful wildlife down there! My family and I hiked Camelback last February.

      SW Wildlife

    • Thank you for the recommendation! Quite a few food banks this year, which are desperately in need.

      North Tx food bank

  11. Friends of the Boundary Waters

    Tax ID: 36-3414821

    Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


    • I’m a true friend of the BWCA, having paddled and portaged my way through its international waters several times.

    • One of the more creative names in today’s collection (The Preemptive Love Coalition, that is, not Sarah)!

      Clearly a worthy mission: “We provide essential relief—food, water, shelter, and medical care—for families on the front lines of conflict and empower refugees and IDPs in Iraq and Syria, survivors of war, violence, and disaster, through business grants so they can rebuild their lives.:

      preemptive love

    • Compassion has looked to be in shorty supply at times this year. I don’t know how much you get for $100, but here goes!

      Compassion International

    • I know we’ve supported them in prior years. I’ve got friends from Apple Valley and other friends whose kids go to Eastview High now.

      Happy to support the community!


    • als

      It does not have a cure and it is a devastating disease. $100 in memory of Lou Gehrig, Peter Frates, and so many others.

    • I had to look that one up! X-Linked Hypophosphatemia. Med school was a looooong time ago. Thanks for the recommendation!


    • We’re supporting a number of military organizations, and I’m pleased to see the variety. Thank you for the recommendation, and if you served, which I’m guessing you did, thank you for your service.


  12. Thanks for your work!

    EIN 46-5637704
    GO Pantry is 501(c)(3) Approved.
    All donations received may be treated as tax deductible contributions.

    GO Pantry helps hungry kids in our community who do not have enough to eat on days they are away from school. We live in this community and strive to make a positive impact on kids in our area by providing food to those who are hungry. We believe that “to those whom are given much, much is required.”

    • With so many kids home from school, charities like Go Pantry are so needed. Thank you for the recommendation!

      Go Pantry

    • Happy to do so, Artemis. I have no doubt you’re contributing from your DAF, as well. Happy Giving Tuesday!


    • Is there a charity that helps cats find jobs to keep them off welfare?

      I kid! I kid.

      Here you go:

      cat welfare

  13. https://www.guidestar.org/profile/23-2223120

    This is lovely of you! Please consider a donation to New Hope Ministries. New Hope (in central PA) provides emergency crisis assistance, food pantries, counseling, and referral services to local low-income families and individuals. In addition to “basic needs” assistance, we provide ongoing support and guidance to enable clients to achieve long-term stability and self-sufficiency. Assistance is provided to close to 20,000 individuals from an estimated 8,400 different families each year.

    Thank you! My husband and I will also be making a donation to New Hope.

    • I have to admit I didn’t know where Forsyth County is, but I like the org’s mission: “Working to ensure that no one in our community will go hungry, and to prevent homeless and deprivation by assisting the vulnerable populations.”


  14. I just went to answer my e mails and found a good cause, which I have worked with, and have used their money wisely.
    Leanne Ferris, Medical Ministry International info@mmi.org via gmail.mcsv.net

    • Looks like it’s a Canadian org but they partner with a US charitable organization. From their website “Medical Ministry International’s programs are co-sponsored in the USA by I Care San Antonio, a 501(c)3 with tax ID 74-2690192” Always best to find that EIN.

      Happy to support them, as I’ve done medical mission work myself.


  15. Please donate to The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

    EIN: 25-1420599 · Classification (NTEE) Food Banks, Food Pantries (Food, Agriculture and Nutrition) · Nonprofit Tax Code Designation: 501(c)(3)

    I will be doing the same today.

    Thanks in Advance,


  16. I love your charitable mission ❤. Thank you again for doing this. I volunteer and donate to Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas


    • A word was missing, but I was able to track down the EIN. Happy to support those with special needs.

      abundant life

  17. Blessing House
    Lorain, OH|EIN: 30-0130029

    Blessing House is a children’s crisis care center, caring for children birth through 12, whose parents or caregivers are facing a crisis or emergency or who are experiencing a high level of stress that might put their children at risk of abuse or neglect.

    Thanks for this…

    • Thank you for your increased support! You’re right; it’s much needed in 2020.

      I lived in the Greater Pittsburgh area for 9 months as a new anesthesiologist — Wexford / Cranberry Township. Great people there!


    • FYI, the Galapagos Islands are a scary place to realize you have a nasal CSF leak from a weak cribriform plate that acts as a valve after free diving with the sea turtles. Ask me how I know!

      Happy to contribute.

      csf leak

  18. https://www.guidestar.org/profile/34-1603377

    Nature’s Nursery Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Whitehouse, Ohio. We provide medical care to injured, orphaned or ailing wild animals, and conduct conservation educational outreach programs for children and adults.

    • According to Wikipedia, “The Pulaski is a special hand tool used in fighting wildfires[1] which combines an axe and an adze in one head. Similar to a cutter mattock, it has a rigid handle of wood, plastic, or fiberglass. The Pulaski is used for constructing firebreaks, able to both dig soil and chop wood. It is also well adapted for trail construction, and can be used for gardening and other outdoor work for general excavation and digging holes in root-bound or hard soil. The axe blade of the Pulaski is the primary cutting edge, while the adze blade is secondary; this is the opposite of the cutter mattock, in which the adze blade is the larger of the two.”

      I’d rather be a friend than an enemy!


  19. Fostering Hope Inc
    Conway, SC|EIN: 34-2003272

    Provides care to foster kids and families.

    We are raising money to provide bikes and other gifts for Christmas!

  20. Hi PoF,

    Please consider a donation to GiveWell. Its mission is save or improve the most lives per dollar given.
    Thanks for the donation, and also for reminding us all to give!

  21. Thanks for doing this. Please give to Combined Arms. It is a great, free resource to veterans transitioning from the military and it also helps other organizations serving veterans.


    • It’s tough enough making it through a northern Michigan winter when you have a home! Ask me how I know. 🙂

      Happy to help.

      safe harbor

  22. Navy Seal Foundation
    EIN: 31-1728910

    This is my favorite military charity. Men who paid the ultimate price often leave families behind and this charity helps support them.

    • Happy to support the Seals. It’s incredible what you guys go through.

      I hung out with a former Seal from northern MN over the summer. Turns out we knew several people in common. Great dude.


  23. Communities acting to heighten awareness and learning inc

    Mailing address
    540 willow ave unit A
    Cedarhurst NY 11516

    Grant ID

    Love your writing. Thank you for all of the education that you provide.

    • We’re realizing the benefits of cleanliness for everyone in 2020, but nobody needs that kind of environment more than a child with cancer. Thank you for all you do for the kids, Dr. K!


    • Thank you for helping out in the clinics at the Siena Francis House! My gift pales in comparison to yours.

      Siena Francis House

  24. Thank you for doing this! Would love to see a donation to Kid Power Cares EIN: 45-2673368 to help them with their efforts to teach kids how to live healthy lives.

    • Tragically, I imagine they’re as busy as they have been in a long time this year. I hope this gift helps.


    • Coldwater sounds cool, but apparently they help keep people warm. Here’s $100 towards that effort!


  25. Wounded warrior project

    They have matching today where $100 dollars donated becomes $200

    Thanks for what you do and happy holidays to you and your family!

  26. Educating Africa’s Children, (a school Uganda that educates upwards of a 1000 kids now in rural Uganda, it was founded by a fellow Chicagoan)

  27. Catholic Charities of the Palm Beaches
    EIN: 59-2470479

    I know you recommended avoiding anything controversial but this money goes to support all kind of wonderful things in South Florida such as the homeless, immigrants, refugees, and to battle human trafficking

    • I recognize that Catholic Charities provides a massive amount of social services here and around the world, but there are plenty of secular organizations to choose from. I’ve substituted the Palm Beach County Food Bank. I hope that will suffice!

      Palm Beach


  28. Clothes That Work
    EIN: 31-1575093

    Dayton, OH
    We empower and assist job seekers in the Dayton region.
    Thank you for your help!

  29. Hello,

    Repairers of the Breach, Homeless shelter in Milwaukee, WI
    EIN: 39-1707495

    John Myers

  30. Awesome giving you are doing!
    Please give to
    Peacehaven Farm
    CLASSIFICATION: Group Home, Residential Treatment Facility – Mental Health Related
    IRS SUBSECTION: 501(c)(3)

Comments are closed.


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