I’m Giving Money Away!

I’m Giving Money Away!

This website serves several purposes:

  • I want to inspire and educate physician colleagues and others to look at life a little differently.
  • I want to give you the tools to invest purposefully and successfully.
  • It serves as a creative outlet for me. I enjoy writing for you and interacting with you.
  • The site has a charitable mission to give away half its revenue.


Physician Financial Services

I mention the charitable mission like a DJ-spun record, because I think it’s important for you to understand. Those Amazon links and new ads in the sidebar, pages, and posts serve a purpose that’s not altogether greedy. I’m not saying I get nothing from the advertising dollars. Once I’ve given away half, then covered my expenses, I expect there will be something leftover for my efforts. But the charitable mission gets 50% right off the top.

Another purpose of the ads on this site, particularly the newer privately placed ads, are to introduce you to people I believe could help you. If their goals or products were in opposition to my message, I wouldn’t allow their ads on these pages.

While most of the charitable giving will be to our donor advised fund, some other opportunities may arise. Just after I landed my first advertiser, two such opportunities presented themselves.


Gift #1

As I detailed (in Part I and Part II), I recently attended a conference in San Francisco. One of the booths in the conference center hallway was representing Smart Tots, an initiative to study and help ensure the safety of anesthesia in young children. They were offering to “raffle” a.k.a. give away a bottle of wine for a donation. After a $40 swipe of the credit card, I had a Smart Tots labelled Chardonnay to present to our friends who we were visiting up in wine country a few days later.


V.M.L. winery
just a typical view in wine country


Smart Tots is an appropriate recipient of this site’s charitable giving. I’ve got young children, and they’ve each undergone general anesthesia and surgery twice. Only one of those occured under the age of four, which is the focus of the collaborative effort. There are far more questions than answers at this point, so there is much more work to be done. To learn more about the effort and some initial findings, please visit the Smart Tots FAQ.

Additionally, I am an anesthesiologist. I frequently give anesthesia to young children, and I would like to know that we are helping toddlers and babies get through surgery in the safest way possible. The Smart Tots initiative’s goals and mine are well aligned.



Answer quick MicroSurveys for cash. Designed with convenience and timeliness in mind, 70% of surveys are answered on a mobile device in just a few minutes.

Physicians, Pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals are invited to join Incrowd today!


Gift #2

My compadre, Dr. Jim Dahle a.k.a. The White Coat Investor is also looking to help others. He has leveraged the popularity of his site to generate a substantial amount of money to be given away in the form of five scholarships. As of this writing, he has $22,810 to give away to students of professional schools.

If you are a professional student (but not a resident), you have until September 15th, 2016 to apply with an 800 to 1200 word essay. If you would like to contribute, I imagine WCI will accept your gift right up until the winners are announced in early October.


can you spot the "Hi Mom" ?
hi mom!


Physician on FIRE is a Silver Level contributor, which means I donated $100. Jim Wang of Wallet Hacks is another. Each of my current site sponsors are contributors as well.

In exchange, we get to feel good about helping out some future professionals (and hopefully future PoF readers), a business deduction for advertising expenses (it’s not technically a charitable contribution), and hopefully a free book, since I still haven’t picked up my own copy yet. I don’t think that was part of our deal, though, but I think it should be. 🙂

For more information on the WCI Scholarship, check out the WCI Scholarship Page, or download the WCI Scholarship flyer.



There will be much more giving.

It’s rewarding to be able to start to give. I did not anticipate giving a lot in the first year of this site’s existence, but thanks to your help, readership is growing at a solid pace, as are the opportunities to generate revenue that I can feel good about.

To date, the site has given away $140. Before the year is over, this site will donate thousands of dollars. How many thousands is up to you and the site’s sponsors.

Thank you all for being a part of this endeavor. I am humbled by your loyalty and generosity. You can help me share more by sharing this post via any of the buttons below.

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  2. Very cool of you, PoF! As a father of four, one of which needed kidney surgery as a 6 month old, I salute you in your efforts to help the little guys. I’ll do my best to send traffic your way.


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